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Amarnath Yatra 2023 Dates

Amarnath Yatra 2023 can be expected from 01st Jul 2023 till 30th August 2023.

Starting dates can be plus minus 2-3 days. Booking Open for above dates

Amarnath Yatra Date is one of the main core considerable points before planning to come for Annual Pilgrimage of Lord Shiva. Amarnath Yatra Date is fixed by Jammu and Kashmir government by its nodal agency Shri Amarnath Shrine Board. Every year Amarnath Yatra is organized in the month of June till August. The starting and closing dates are different for each year. Amarnath Yatra Dates also depend upon the Hindu calendar and Masik Shivratri. Every year the starting date of yatra is not fixed but the closing date of yatra is Sawan Purnima. 

Sometimes Annual Holy Pilgrimage starts in the month of June and sometimes it starts in July. Amarnath Yatra if delayed then it starts by 2nd of July that particular year otherwise the second, third or fourth week of June are fixed. In a similar way the last date of Yatra is Sawan Purnima. So whatever dates will fall during Sawan Purnima yatra is closed for that year. Generally, Sawan Purnima comes in the month of August only. So August is fixed for the closing date.

The duration of Amarnath Yatra is also not fixed for each year. It is scheduled for somewhere between 35 days to 60 days maximum in a particular year. Earlier Amarnath Yatra were organized for 60 days later due to multiple local problems and route clearance issue duration gets reduced year by year. 

In 2021 Amarnath Yatra Dates were fixed for 28th June 2021 till 22nd August 2021 but due to Covid19 Yatra Rescheduled to 5th July till 22nd August 2021. in 2020 it was from 23rd June to 03rd August & in 2022 30th June- 11th August 2022.

Now come to the point for Amarnath Yatra 2023 Date.

The Amarnath Yatra 2023 Date has not announced officially but you can expect it from 01st Jul till 30th August 2023. 30th August is the last date due to Sawan Purnima. This year amaranth yatra will be for 60 days. if You are planning to Visit for Amarnath Yatra you can book your dates for 01st Jul till 30th August 2023. It is 100% safe and confirmed. The date of Amarnath Yatra will be announced by Shri Amarnath Shrine Board, the main nodal agency responsible to announce the dates

Amarnath Yatra Shrine Board is similar to Maa Vaishno Devi Shrine Board and is a government agency who is also responsible to manage and organize this holy pilgrimage every year. If you see the above table, then you will find most of the dates announced during the month of January. Some dates are announced in the month of March and Feb because earlier everything was not updated on time due to multiple problems locally and due to waiting for  Mahashivratri festival dates too. 

In Recent years it is found that due to heavy snow on track routes are not cleared on time, so chances become more that yatra gets delayed even after announcement of actual dates. So, considering this point if you plan to book the tour packages, we will request you to avoid the initial one week to have a smooth and easy Pilgrimage.

Since we are Amarnath Yatra Pilgrimage Tour organizer company by the name of Amarnathjiyatra.com so for us it is very important to give you reliable and confirmed dates for the Annual Pilgrimage well in advance. We generally take advance booking years ahead of the pilgrimage or you can say before the announcement of actual dates by amaranth shrine board. So, for us it’s very important to have confirmed dates confidently which we quote to our pilgrims.  Since Advance booking is very much required due to limitation in Helicopter tickets, Registration and Hotels accommodation so it’s our confidence, duty and your love for our agency makes us no1 tour operator in the field of all Lord shiva Pilgrimage especially Amarnath Yatra. Our dates never bounce.

Advance booking dates are also important if you want to book your tour at a cheaper rate along with your flight tickets. Since we arrange Amarnath Yatra Pilgrimage Tours for International Pilgrims too so it’s our responsibility to give you safe and confirmed dates well in advance. Every year our predictions are correct provided any mishappening doesn’t happen that particular year which is beyond our control like last year covid 19.

Now if you finalize your date for 2023 then following questions you might ask.

  1. Q- How to Finalize the dates for Amarnath Yatra 2023?

Ans– Finalizing of dates depends upon you. Since in the above points we have given the safe and confirmed dates from 01st Jul till 30th August 2023, so you can choose any dates between these. Also finalizing of dates depend upon your holiday and availability so that you could not go for cancellation /prepone or postpone for later. Because prepone and postpone depends upon seat availability after a particular time of booking.

  1. Q- How to book the tour packages for dates let’s say 15th July 2023?

Ans – Since you have finalized dates for 15th July which is well between (01st Jul- 30 th August 2023 dates). So, we don’t have any problem booking your darshan for that date. To book this date you just drop a query through below query form or drop direct mail with following information,

  1. Name of The Group Leader (if you are single person then you are the group leader)
  2. Contact No of the Group Leader
  3. WhatsApp No of the group Leader
  4. Email id of the group leader
  5. No of Persons (Age must be between 13 years to 70 years on the date of Travelling, Children below 13 years, Adults above 70 years and a lady having 6-month pregnancy cannot travel as per govt rule. Handicapped People can travel.)
  6. You finalize Date of Yatra
  7. Package Type by Helicopter by Trekking- Click here to check the details and Price 
  8. Duration of Yatra (for Helicopter Package 4 Nights 5 Days is recommended and for Trekking Package 6 Nights 7 Days recommended.
  9. Route of Yatra (There are two routes (i) Baltal / Neelgrath route – Thia route is Shorter, new and cheaper route. (II) Pahalgam – Longer, Expensive and Traditional Lord Shiva route)
  10. If you finalize your package & ready to confirm, then please send the amount deposit slip.  a 50% advance amount is required to book your package tour. Click here to check the bank details and other payment options. Click here to check the cancellation Policy and Terms and conditions & click here to know the documents required for booking.
  11. Mention Pick up and drop Point . Our Packages start from Srinagar and Jammu. On a Special Request you can book a tour from your city too.

Note: –   If You want to Travel Only Amarnath Yatra then Srinagar is the best option and also Srinagar is well connected from New Delhi and other main Indian Airports via Delhi like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Bhopal, Nagpur, Visakhapatnam  etc  but not connected fully by Indian Railway from rest of the country.  

If you want to have Darshan of both Amarnath and Mata Vaishno Devi, then you can come either to Jammu or Srinagar. Jammu is well connected by Flights all over India and also Jammu / Katra is well Connected by Indian Railway (IRCTC). 

 Click here to check Packages of Mata Vaishno Devi 

If You want to have darshan of Amarnath and Maa Vaishno Devi both then book a flight for Srinagar first for Shri Amarnath Yatra and take a return flight from Jammu and vice versa. 

If You use Indian Railway IRCTC Service, then Jammu/ Katra is the only option for to and fro provided you don’t change your mind to go or come by flight. Katra is the nearest Railway Station for Mata Vaishno Devi Dham and Jammu is 50 kms away from Katra.

  1. Any govt ID Proof Like Passport, Driving License, Voter Id, Adhar Card, School/college etc. will work. But Adhar and Passport are important documents for an easy process so try to send the scan copy of this id through mail. Click here to know more about documents
  1. Medical Fitness Certificate (This is Important document which is required to go for Amarnath Yatra pilgrimage. At the time of booking, we don’t require these documents so be relaxed. You need to submit the scanned copy to us before 31st March 2023 & bring this original medical certificate at the time of arrival, so you have enough time to make this. If you book after 31st march, then book after making the certificate. Click here to download the Medical CHC Format, Registration Form and Approved Doctors list for your location. If You are International Traveller / Foreigner, then you can make your certificate from the National or govt hospital of your country or alternatively you can make it in India too provided you come to India at least 7-15 days in advance So it’s better to bring from your country. If You are Indian, then you can make it from your city or wherever you are present during that time. For Indians if you don’t find the list of doctors for your location in the download section then just relax it will be updated before 15th April even if it not there then makes from the nearby doctors only to secure your permit & helicopter tickets. 

Generally, Certificate validity is of 5 months before your travel date or after 15th March (until it is announced, if any changes we will update here ) all certificates are valid because govt starting date of certificate process is after 15th March only.  So, if you have finalized for 15th July then you can make your certificate any date after 15th March or if you further delay then any date after 28th March.

3. Q– Suppose we finalize our date, we deposited the amount, we sent all the details through mail then what is next.?

Ans- Once we receive all the details given above except Medical Certificates and Id Proof, we reserve your booking for that particular date. Medical certificate you can send the scanned copy & have to bring original at the time of arrival and Id proof you can send any time after sending amount as per your convenience but don’t delay more than 7 days.

Once we Reserve your booking, we send confirmation mail first with all the details about your package and advance amount. If you find any error or want to change the date of yatra then you have a maximum 3 days’ time -to change the date Provided you book 120 days or before in advance. If you don’t consider your date to be changed during the first three days, then we make it final. Later if you want to change /prepone/postpone or cancel the trip then cancellation charge will be applicable. Date change is subject to availability. Click here for Terms & Conditions and our cancellation Policy.

4. Q- What is the procedure to add extra persons after finalizing the tour and paying the amount?

Ans- You can add N number of persons subject to seat availability for that particular date. Rates may vary and may not be the same as you booked the price.

5. Q- When we get our travel booking documents?

Ans- After paying the initial deposit amount we send confirmation mail with all details which we quoted, and you booked. In the meantime, we will book your hotel accommodation/ Transport, Helicopter and Registration. 

Hotel and Transport Voucher you can take any time after payment of 80%, rest Helicopter tickets and Registration will be issued once govt gives green signal to issue the same, but Registration and Helicopter tickets will be sent only after receiving 100 % amount.

6. Q- What are the cancellation Policy and terms and conditions?

Ans – Our cancellation Policy and terms and conditions are user friendly. Read here in detail.

7 Q- How will we identify your representative in Srinagar or Jammu?

In Travel Voucher everything will be mentioned along with contact details of each point.

8. Q- What if we get delayed reaching the airport due to flight delay?

Ans – Please inform at least 4-5 hours in advance about flight delay so that we will arrange a pickup for your desired time otherwise you will have to wait at the airport for our next pickup. If Flight delayed on the way, then there is no problem that we can wait at Airport.

9. Q- What are the important and Auspicious dates for Amarnath Yatra 2023?

Ans – All dates are important for Amarnath Yatra because it is organized for a limited period only. But if you are so specific about dates then choosing Sawan is Important from lord shiva point of view, Monday is important, Guru Purnima, Somvati Amavasya, Masik Shivratri , Sawan and Akhad Purnima are important dates.

10. Q- What happens if our booked dates are not finalized?

There is no point that your booked date is not finalized. We give 100% guarantee of your booking date otherwise we don’t take booking for that particular date. If you reach, there and Helicopter doesn’t fly, or you are stopped by the army on the way due to local issues/ climate problem /landslide/ etc.  then that is a different thing, but from our side everything will be as per schedule only.

Alternatively you can check Frequently asked questions from here

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Hope above things is okay to understand the details about Amarnath Yatra Dates and Booking Procedure. If you have further query you can contact us through our WhatsApp cum Mobile, no – +91-96501-79-446 / +91-96501-79-451 or through our email booking@amarnathjiyatra.com.

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