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Amarnath Yatra Medical 2022

Amarnath Yatra Medical is one of the most  important processes for the Amarnath Yatra Pilgrimage. As we know without Amarnath Yatra Registration we can not perform the pilgrimage of Amarnath Yatra in the same way without Amarnath yatra Medical no yatra registration will be issued. Whether you go by Helicopter or Trek the compulsory medical health CHC is very much required and in the priority list is the first number of all documents which is to be prepared by the pilgrims. Amarnath Yatra Medical is also known as Amarnath Yatra Health Check up. The format in which Amarnath Yatra Medical is done is known as  Amarnath Yatra Medical Form or  Amarnath Yatra Compulsory Health Certificate Format ( CHC ) . Once  you complete your medical check up then approved doctors sign and stamp on the CHC / Amarnath yatra Medical form that becomes Amarnath Yatra Medical Certificate or  CHC Certificate. Without sign it is just format but when Amarnath Yatra Shrine Board Approved doctors sign and stamp the format it is called Health Certificate and has to be brought at the time of arrival to go by helicopter and if you plan to go by trek then it  has to submitted  in the bank branches or at the registration centres to make the Amarnath Yatra Registration. 

In this Post we will describe step by step procedure to make the Amarnath Yatra Medical Certificate, the list of  amarnath yatra medical tests which is to be done, List of approved doctors who are authorised to make the CHC,  Amarnath Yatra Medical fee, Validity date of Amarnath Yatra Medical, how to download the medical format in pdf   and Frequently questions and answers.

Amarnath Yatra Medical Procedure  For Indians

Below is the step by step procedure to make amarnath yatra medical certificate.

Step 1- First of all download the Amarnath yatra Medical Form or CHC Format ( Compulsory Health Certificate format from here. It changes every year so download for the year of your yatra.

Step 2 – Download the list of approved amarnath yatra doctors from here. Shri Amarnathji Shrine board issues doctors list for all over india. You can go to the nearest doctors from the list. If you dont find the doctors list of your location then you can go to the nearest one. Generally District level hospitals are authorised to make the same. The signing authority is kept as CMO ( Chief medical officer ).

Step 3- Do the required check up as per the doctor’s instructions

Step 4- Once check up is done then give the doctor the filled format with your pasted  photographs on the form.

Step 5- If doctors find the report satisfactory to go for Amarnath Yatra Pilgrimage they will sign and stamp on the format and then it becomes an original  medical certificate or CHC health Certificate.  Make sure  that the stamp and sign will be at 2 places in the  form. First sign and stamp will be at half photo and half at form and other sign will be at bottom space left for doctors as given in the form. 

Amarnath Yatra Medical Procedure  For NRI and Foreigners 

Below is the step by step procedure to make the Amarnath Yatra Medical certificate for NRI and foreigners.  Procedure for NRI and foreigners are the same, but you are open to make the certificate in India by Indian doctors too . To get a certificate from Indian doctors the procedure is above.

Step 1 Download the Amarnath yatra Medical  form same as Indian form here.

Step 2– Go to your Country’s National Hospital. Please make sure sure that only National govt hospital  issued certificates are valid. In India National Hospital is AIIMS , check for your country.

Step 3– Now go for the tests as per doctor’s suggestion for Amarnath Yatra Pilgrimage. Altitude is 14000 feet . Once the report arrives, meet the doctor and take the sign and stamped on the form. Now you have Original Medical Certificate with you. Make sure  that the stamp and sign will be at 2 places in the  form. First sign and stamp will be at half photo and half at form and other sign will be at bottom space left for doctors as given in the form. 

Amarnath Yatra Medical Tests

Following are the points which are asked by the shrine Board. If you have already gone to tests within 1 month  then you can use that otherwise you can check yourself that which one is needed to be tested in you or else doctors will suggest .

Have you suffered from or have a history of any of the following answer need to be given in yes or no:-  

a) Breathlessness –

 b) Diabetes 

c) Respiratory/ lung ailment 

d) High Blood pressure 

e) Blood disorder 

 f) Asthma 

g) Bleeding tendencies

h) Epilepsy 

i) Heart ailment 

 j) Nervous breakdown 

k) Joint Pains 

 l) High altitude/mountain sickness 

m) Discharge from ear 

 n) History of stroke/ paralysis 

o) Are you a smoker 

 p) Are you pregnant: 

(applicable to female Yatris)

q) History of Heart Attack; if yes, please specify______________________________________________

r) History of sudden death in family members; if yes, please specify______________________________

s) Any major injury in the past; if yes, please specify___________________________________________

t) Any other ailment; if yes, please specify___________________________________________________

u) History of surgery; if yes, please specify__________________________________________________

v) Are you under any medication; if yes, please specify________________________________________

w) Are you allergic to drugs, foods and chemicals; if yes, please specify___________________________

List of Amarnath Yatra Approved Doctors. 

The Shrine Board Finalises thousands of  doctors across India to make the medical certificate. They tie up with almost all government hospitals across Indian and in some locations with Private Hospitals so that pilgrims could not face the problem while going to make the amarnath yatra health certificate.

List of  Amarnath Yatra 2022 Approved Doctors 

Download from here the list of amarnath yatra 2022 approved doctors state and districts wise  across India. If you don’t find the doctors of your locality then go to the nearest hospital  as mentioned in the downloaded list or wait till it is issued and uploaded on our site.  Generally till  15th April all the lists of doctors are issued from the board and you can check on this holy website amarnathjiyatra.com . 

Amarnath Yatra Medical Fee. 

As supreme court order, government hospitals can not take any fee to make the medical certificate. So there is no Amarnath Yatra Medical fee. If You go to the private hospitals then they may charge you for tests done in their lab. So if you want to get a certificate free of cost visit nearest approved government hospitals.

Amarnath Yatra Medical Certificate ( CHC ) Validity & Dates. 

The Validity of Amarnath yatra Medical certificate  or Compulsory Health Certificate ( CHC) is kept for 6 months only. But the shrine Board issues the dates every year  about the validity of amarnath yatra medical certificates.  All Amarnath Yatra Medical Certificates issued after 28th March are valid till the time yatra closes for that particular year.  So for any year suppose  yatra closes after 15 august even then the  medical certificate will be valid.

Last date to make Amarnath Yatra Medical Certificate is same as last date of Amarnath Yatra.

Amarnath Yatra 2022 Medical 

Amarnath Yatra 2022 medical will be started from 28th March 2022 . List of doctors will be updated by that time . You can download the amarnath yatra  2022 medical form from here and you can download the approved doctors list for the year 2022 from here. 

Amarnath yatra medical is compulsory documents to obtain amarnath yatra registration and Amarnath yatra helicopter. If You book amarnath yatra 2022 tour packages or helicopter tickets then you will have to bring the certificate at the time of arrival for yatra. So there is no need to rush for the certificate. If you go yatra on your own then you must take the medical certificate once it is started after  28th March otherwise if you delay then you will not get registration for your desired date because amarnath yatra registration generally starts from 11th April. Last date of Amarnath Yatra 2022 Medical is  11th August 2022. 

Reference Guidelines for Doctors/ Medical Institutions authorized to issue Compulsory Health Certificates (Yatra-2022

  1. The Holy Cave of Shri Amarnathji is situated at an altitude of 13,500 feet above sea level atop South Kashmir Himalayas. The high altitude trek to the Holy Cave involves exposure to extreme cold, low humidity, increased ultraviolet radiations and reduced air pressure. The oxygen level in the air is very low due to which many Yatris face respiratory and other related medical problems. The pilgrims have to trek a distance of 32 km from Chandanwari (Pahalgam Route ) and 14 km from Baltal to reach the Holy Shrine.
  2. Keeping in view the hostile nature of the Yatra area, the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board has been issuing Health Advisories. A copy of the Health Advisories and Do’s and Don’ts to be followed by the Yatris, can be checked from here.
  1. In July 2012, the Supreme Court took note of certain Press Reports about the mortality of pilgrims visiting Shri Amarnathji Shrine and constituted a Special High Powered Committee (SHPC) to, inter alia, suggest measures for upgrading the healthcare infrastructure in the Yatra area. The SHPC identified the following reasons for mortality in the Yatra area:

i) Non-acclimatization: Any person who undertakes a trek in the high altitude area is required to necessarily undergo acclimatization for several days. Those undertaking the Yatra are un-acclimatized and rush to complete their Yatra within a day, as a result some of whom fail to recover from High Altitude Sickness and lose their lives.

ii) Lack of proper clothing and footwear: A large number of pilgrims do not carry adequate/ appropriate warm clothing and footwear, are susceptible to falling ill and those who already have 2 serious Medical Problems (like diabetes, chest/ lung/ cardiac problems) are more susceptible to Medical failures.

iii) Religious Practices/ Traditions: Another reason contributing to serious Medical Problems is the insistence of devotees to take an ice cold water bath in the morning and then commence their trek with an empty stomach.

Profile of Yatris: Very old men and women, adolescents and people already suffering from ailments are at high risk and prone to losing life during the Yatra which involves climbing in a high Altitude difficult area and sudden changes in weather conditions.

  1. The SHPC in its Report has made more than 20 recommendations dealing with different aspects of Medical Care facilities to be provided to the Yatris during Yatra 2013 and beyond, all of which are being implemented by the Union Government, J&K Government and the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board. One of the recommendations of the SHPC was that all Yatris should continue to furnish Compulsory Health Certificates while seeking registration for the pilgrimage. The SHPC further recommended the constitution of an Expert Medical Committee to review the format of Compulsory Health Certificate (CHC) and suggest suitable modifications. The SHPC also recommended that the Compulsory Health Certificate shall not be issued by an RMP (as was prescribed for Yatra-2012) but by the Doctors/ Medical Institutes who are specifically authorised by the State Governments to issue Compulsory Health Certificate.
  1. The members of the Medical Expert Committee (three nominated by Union Health Secretary and one nominated by State Health Secretary) deliberated on various health related issues which the Yatris have to face during this arduous Yatra and prescribed a revised CHC . You can download from here 
  1. Considering the advice of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board in its meeting, held on 31st January, 2013 has decided that no one below the age of 13 years or above the age of 75 years and no lady with 6 week’s pregnancy should be allowed to undertake Yatra.” 

Guidelines for Doctors/ Medical Institutions authorized to issue Compulsory Health Certificates (Yatra-2022)

  1. Each applicant shall provide information to the Authorised Doctor/ Institution about his/her health status, past medical history and various ailments from he/she may be suffering or may have suffered as prescribed in part (A) of the Compulsory Health Certificate
  2. The Authorised Doctors/ Institutions shall issue the prescribed Compulsory Health Certificate [in part (B) of the format] after detailed examination of the applicant and necessary investigation(s) / test(s), if needed, and having satisfied himself / herself as to the fitness of the applicant to undertake this arduous Yatra.
  3. The Authorised Doctors/ Institutions shall not issue Compulsory Health Certificate to any applicant who is below the age of 13 years or above the age of 75 years and to pregnant lady with 6 weeks pregnancy.
  4. For Yatra  the Authorised Doctors/ Institutions shall issue the Compulsory Health Certificates from 15th February. The CHCs issued before 15th February, would not be valid for the Registration purposes.
  5. All the doctors/ Health Institutions authorised by the State Governments/ UTs shall appropriately evaluate the health conditions of the applicant, [keeping in view the high altitude of the Yatra route (as high as 14,500 ft), temperature variation (the temperature goes as low as 5 degree Celsius in case of bad weather), level of oxygen in the Yatra area, difficult terrain, steep ascent in the Yatra route at high altitude] and after careful 4 examination/ investigation ensure that Compulsory Health certificate is issued to medically fit applicants only.
  6. The nominated Doctors shall ensure that the applicant who had undergone bypass surgery or even had implanted stents are not issued CHC facilitating them to get YPF in view of the high altitude of the Yatra route level of oxygen in the Yatra area, difficult terrain, steep ascent in the Yatra route at high altitude. The nominated Doctors shall further ensure foolproof and effective screening of intending pilgrims especially to the cardiac / diabetic patients before issuing CHCs to them.
  7. The nominated Doctors shall indicate their ‘MCI Registration Number’ and “name” at the appropriate places indicated in Part (B) of the enclosed CHC at Annexure-I while issuing the Compulsory Health Certificates. The nominated Doctors shall not leave any place blank in Part (B) of the CHC while signing the CHC.
  8. The authorised doctors shall maintain a proper record of the issuance of CHC so that the database so generated could be analysed for bringing about further improvements in the health care facilities in the Yatra area and /or for making further changes in the format of CHC.

Amarnath Yatra Medical Health Advisory

  1. The Pilgrimage to Holy Cave of Shri Amarnathji involves trekking at altitudes as high as 14000 feet.
  2. Yatris may develop High Altitude Sickness with following symptoms: loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, lightheadedness and difficulty in sleeping, visual impairment, bladder dysfunction, bowel dysfunction, loss of coordination of movements, paralysis on one side of the body, gradual loss of consciousness and mental status changes, drowsiness, chest tightness, fullness, congestion, fast breathing and increased heart rate.
  3. If high altitude sickness is not treated timely, it may be lethal in a matter of hours.

Dos for prevention of High Altitude Sickness

  1. Do prepare for the Yatra by achieving Physical Fitness – it is advisable to start a preparatory Morning/ Evening walk, about 4-5 km per day, at least a month prior to the Yatra.
  2. Start deep breathing exercise and Yoga, particularly pranayam for improving oxygen efficiency of the body.
  3. Do check with your physician prior to travelling to higher elevations, if you have any existing pre-existing medical conditions.
  4. Do walk slowly while ascending and take time to acclimatize- relax for a short while on steep inclines..
  5. Do avoid exerting beyond your normal capacity.
  6. Do take compulsory rest at various locations and ensure time logging and take ideal walking time mentioned on the display boards while moving towards the next location.
  7. Do check with your physician prior to taking any medications.
  8. Do drink lots of water to combat dehydration and headaches – about 5 liters of fluid per day.
  9. Do follow the prescribed food menu – available at Shrine Board’s website, Shriamarnathjishrine.com – when having food in the Yatra area.
  10. Do consume plenty of carbohydrates to reduce fatigue and prevent low blood sugar levels.
  11. Do bring portable oxygen with you as it is helpful in case you have difficulty in breathing.
  12. Do descend immediately to a lower elevation, if you start having altitude illness symptoms.
  13. In case there is any change in the status of your health after having obtained Compulsory Health Certificate some weeks earlier, do consult your doctor before embarking on the pilgrimage
  14. In case of any signs of high altitude sickness or any other discomfort, immediately contact the nearest medical facility located at every 2 kms.

Don’ts for prevention of High Altitude Illness.

  1. Don’t ignore the symptoms of high altitude illness.
  2. Don’t drink alcohol, caffeinated drink, or smoke.
  3. Don’t ascend any further if you have altitude illness. Instead, descend immediately to an elevation where you can acclimatize.
  4. Don’t accept everything a sick Yatri says since his/ her judgment is impaired.

Amarnath Yatra Medical Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1- How to obtain the original medical certificate for Amarnath yatra  Pilgrimage ?

Ans- Read above article to know the step by step procedure to obtain the same

Q2 -What is the age criteria to get the certificate ?

Ans- Pilgrims must be between 13 years – 75 years to get the medical certificate and same time if ladies have pregnancy of more than  6 months then they are not eligible .

Q3- How to find the lsit of amarnath yatra approved doctors and format to get the certificate.

Ans – You can download medical forms  from here and the list of approved doctors from here.

Q4- What is the requirement of Amarnath Yatra Medical, can we go without this. ?

Ans- Like Registration Amarnath Yatra medical is compulsory documents for Yatra . If you don’t make the certificate then you are not eligible to obtain the registration and at the same time not eligible to use the  helicopter service. In short without a CHC medical Certificate  you cannot perform the yatra.

Q5-  Can a physically handicap person go for the yatra and what is the medical procedure for them?

Ans- Yes Physical handicap people are eligible for Amarnath yatra Darshan. Certificate Process is the same as that of other pilgrims.

Q6 – Can we get a Medical Certificate in Srinagar or Jammu ? Can you help us

ANs- Yes you can make certificates in Srinagar and Jammu , but don’t depend on Srinagar or Jammu. Because if there eis strike, holiday or any local issues then you may miss the yatra schedule and as a reason you will have to cancel onwards journey and will have to spend higher amounts.  Yes if you have enough time in Srinagar then we can help you to get the same  but you have to pay the amount of transport and the medical  tests if any. 

Alternatively you can check Frequently asked questions from here. 

If you find the above article suitable  or not happy with the above article then please leave the feedback from here.

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