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Amarnath Yatra Registration 2023

Official Registration of Amarnath Yatra may start from  01st March 2023

Advance Registration Booking booking Opens for 2023

Amarnath Yatra Registration is a very very  important document to have darshan of Lord Shri Amarnathji. Lord Amarnathji which is another name of Lord shiva comes naturally every year to Shri Amarnathji Holy cave located in ganderbal district of south Jammu and  kashmir. This document is used as a pass to enter into the premises of lord Amarnathji Temple Holycave. The other names of Amarnath yatra Registration is Yatra Permit (YP) , Yatra Registration Pass, Entry pass, Amarnath Panjikaran, Amarnath Temple Booking Ticket, Darshan pass, entry ticket, Sarvadarshanam Pass, Bank Registration, Helicopter Registration etc. 

Amarnath Yatra Registration is must for all the devotees who want to come for darshan of Shri Amarnathji and want to visit the holy Pilgrimage of Amarnath Yatra. Procedure to obtain the yatra permit is simple and easy; later we will describe step by step procedure to obtain the same. 

The Purpose of Amarnath Yatra Registration is to maintain a register of all the devotees with their information, Photos, and details who take interest in visiting this annual holy pilgrimage. This process is done every year. Since Amarnath Yatra pilgrimage is very tough in nature and there are multi types of local problems, local issues and security problems so to keep vigilance and to note activity of pilgrims, the government started the registration process for each and every pilgrim. 

The other purpose for registration is if any mishappens occur during pilgrimage then the govt provides insurance amount to the deceased pilgrims. Amarnath Yatra Registration also covers insurance amount of upto  Rs 1 lakh for each pilgrim till last year. Amarnath Yatra Registration also helps the government to know the actual number of pilgrims visited during a particular time /month and year so that a better plan can be arranged from next time onwards.

The Government has fixed and limited only 10000 pilgrims’ registration from each route. There are two routes one is Pahalgam route via Nunwan, Chandanwari , Sheshnag, Panchtarni, Sangam, Holy Cave and other is Neelgrath/ Baltal Route via Domail, Sangam, Holycave.

Overall, only 15000 pilgrims are allowed each day to visit the Amarnath Holy Shrine. These 15000 pilgrims are inclusive of trekking and helicopter routes. This threshold and limitation applied in the year 2013 because during 2012 lots of deaths occurred due to limited infrastructure. Earlier 6- 7 lakhs pilgrims were visited every year but after 2012 the number of pilgrims reduced drastically due to permit limitation and medical Certificate and halted to around 2.5 -3.5 Lakhs. The reason for a smaller number of pilgrims is also due to the limited duration of Yatra year by year.

Amarnath Yatra 2023 Registration

Amarnath Yatra 2023 Registration may start from 01st March 2023. Last Year it was started from 11th April 2022. This is the compulsory documents required to go for Amarnath Yatra 2023. Most of the point we covered above about the registration and why it is required and the purpose behind it.  Now every pilgrim must require this official document to have darshan of Lord Amarnathji. Last year 566 bank branches of Jnk Bank, Yes Bank, SBI and Punjab National bank were authorized to issue the same. In Amarnath Yatra 2023 also you can expect these numbers of branch will be available to issue the same. Every year bank registration center’s increase so that most of the Pilgrims could easily get the Yatra Permit (YP). Registration fee for Amarnath Yatra 2023 will be same as of last Year of Rs 220.  For Amarnath Yatra 2023 also the procedure and formalities will be same as of year 2022. Like Compulsory Medical Certificate, Photograph’s and Registration Form.  You can download Amarnath Yatra 2023 Registration Form and Medical Certificate form along with Amarnath Yatra 2023 Bank Registration centers address and Approved doctors list location wise from here

Amarnath Yatra 2023 Registration last Date will be 23rd August 2023. The Banks shall stop registration for a particular date 08 days before to help the SASB to consolidate the figure for expected yatra Schedule 01st Jul 2023- 30th August 2023

Below are the table details of Amarnath Yatra Registration for Last 12 years with Registration fee details year wise, Registration starting and closing date, no of Bank Branches, available year wise etc. 

Sr NoParticularYearStarting Dates of RegistrationLast date of RegistrationBank Branches AvailableRegistration Fee
1Amarnath Yatra 2010 Registration20105th June 201024th Aug 2010121Rs 15
2Amarnath Yatra 2011 Registration201110th May 201113th Aug 2011146Rs 15
3Amarnath Yatra 2012 Registration20127th May 201202nd Aug 2012176+100 post officeRs 20
4Amarnath Yatra 2013 Registration201318th March 201321st Aug 2013422Rs 30
5Amarnath Yatra 2014 Registration201401st March 201410th Aug 2014425Rs 50
6Amarnath Yatra 2015 Registration201501st March 201529th Aug 2015430Rs 50
7Amarnath Yatra 2016 Registration201629th Feb 201618th August 2016432Rs 50
8Amarnath Yatra 2017 Registration201701st Mar 201707th Aug 2017434Rs 100
9Amarnath Yatra 2018 Registration20181st March 201826th Aug 2018439Rs 100
10Amarnath Yatra 2019 Registration20191st March 201915th Aug 2019442Rs 100
11Amarnath Yatra 2020 Registration2020Changed due to Covid 1903rd August 2020445Rs 100
12Amarnath Yatra 2021 Registration20211st March 202222nd August 2022446Rs 100
13Amarnath Yatra 2022 Registration202211th April 202211th August 2022566Rs 120
14Amarnath Yatra 2023 Registration2023Yet to Come22nd August 2023566Rs 120
Table of Registration Dates Year wise & Cost

Types of Amarnath Yatra Registration & RFID Card. 

Generally, there are 2 types of Registration. 

1. Amarnath Yatra Online Registration –  

As the name describes, this is the online process of obtaining Amarnath Yatra Registration. Obtaining online registration is very easy. Below is the step-by-step guide and Procedure to get Amarnath Yatra Online Registration.  Before going to the online government approved website keep following things with you. 

  1. Neat and clean image in JPG or JPEG Format with maximum size of 1MB only.
  2. Medical Fitness Certificate sign and stamped by authorized doctors of your city or wherever you are but doctors must be approved from Amarnathji Shrine Board. Certificate must be in PDF Format. Size again not more than 1 mb of this pdf format. If You don’t have a format, then download from here and also if you don’t have a list of shrine board approved Amarnath medical doctors then click here.
  3. The age limit of Pilgrims must be between minimum 13 years to 70 years maximum. Pregnant ladies of more than 6 months are not allowed.
  4. Keep Original ID proof, Medical Certificate with you whole coming for yatra
  5. With one Mobile number maximum 4 pilgrims can be registered
  6. Credit card /debit card/net banking to pay registration fee of Rs 220

If you are okay with the above documents, then only rush to visit the govt site for registration, otherwise carefully and patiently read below more important updates about Amarnath Yatra Registration.  You can also check the status of your online registration; you can download & verify your registration.

Keep note that once you submit the online Yatra Registration application you cannot edit later. We will give the link of online registration once it starts, but we will suggest no need to rush for Amarnath Registration. If you take our any services, then we can provide registration on the day of arrival too. Also, if you book Tour Packages with us, we will provide complete registration to you well in advance irrespective of the seat’s availability online for a particular Amarnath yatra Date. Package cost includes Registration & RFID Card. Click here to check our Amarnath Yatra packages by Helicopter and Trekking. Due to the hard nature of Amarnath Pilgrimage it is suggested not to visit alone, it’s always better in groups.

2.  Amarnath Yatra Offline Registration. 

From 2014 -2018 online registration processes were completely closed due to fake registration, Malpractice generated by the users. So, to keep registration records of each and every pilgrim, Amarnath Yatra Shrine Board decided to go for only offline registration till 2018. They focused on Color coding of Registration form as per day (see table below) through bank registration so that fake registration or invalid registration can be easily identified, and security staff could identify the day of registration by looking at the color of the Registration permit card.

 Pilgrims without a registration card are not allowed for yatra. Same time if you miss the date of Registration then you will not be allowed to go for yatra even if you have a valid registration permit. This is done to control the daily limit of pilgrims of 10000 from each route. Security Personnel also easily identified the day of registration by just looking at the color of the Registration permit card without looking at each and every details. Registration Permit with particular color will return after a cycle of 7 days only and in Amarnath it’s not possible to stay for 7 days due to climate and environment problems.  and it worked for the government to control the pilgrims and they ran it successfully are still going on. But now the internet has developed so much and there is digital India, so pilgrims requested for online registration, so it started again in 2022 onwards.

Following is the table of Color coding of Registration form as per day

DayColour of Yatra Permit for Pahalgam RouteColour of Yatra Permit for Baltal  Route
MondayLavenderLemon Chiffon
TuesdayPink Lace Blue
WednesdayBiegeHoney Dew
FridayLemon ChiffonPink Lace 
SundayHoney DewPeach
Registration Slip Color date wise

There are four types of Amarnath Yatra Offline Registration we will describe step by step procedure for each and every Registration.

  1. Amarnath Yatra Bank Registration
  2. Amarnath Yatra Group Registration
  3. Amarnath Yatra Registration for NRI
  4. Amarnath Yatra On Spot Registration
  1. Step by Step Procedure to obtain Amarnath Yatra Bank Registration 

Step 1 First of all make Amarnath Yatra Medical Health Certificate from the  amarnath yatra authorised doctors. If you don’t have a format, then download from here and if you don’t have an approved doctors list then download it from here. Make sure that you have made your medical certificate also known as (CHC). Once you completed with CHC then your step one is completed.  Here one recent Passport size photograph will be used per pilgrim

Step 2 – On step 2 it is assumed that you have made your medical certificate. Now be prepared with 4 recent passport size photographs, along with original Aadhar / Voter card / Passport id and its one photocopy for each pilgrim. Please also ready with original medical fitness certificate which is to be submitted in Bank. Please keep one photocopy of the original Medical Certificate with you because the bank will keep Original medical Certificate before issuing the Yatra Permit. 

Step 3 – Go to the nearest approved bank registration centers. Generally, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Yes Bank, SBI & Punjab National Bank and Cooperative Banks are authorized to issue the Permits. . Click here to download the approved bank registration centers across India. This is the full and final list. If you don’t find the bank nearby you then check the other nearest center. 

Step 4– Check the availability, if you are getting your desired date then Pay Rs 120 as registration fee to the bank. After getting Registration Fee Bank Official will give you either the Color-Coded registration form to fill or they will fill themselves. If they fill themselves then give all the details to them via this online PDF amarnath yatra registration form along with Original Medical Certificate, Photocopy of ID card, 4 Passport size Photographs.    Please check the color of the form from the above table as per day and route so that you get the correct registration. Please also check the date and route of the entry Point in the Registration. If you Go from Baltal/ Domail route, then ask for the form for This route and if you go from Nunwan/ Pahalgam/ Chandanwari then ask for this route form. 

Note- Registration Date is same as entry date to the checkpoint. For Baltal route checkpoint is Domail and for Nunwan / Pahalgam route Check point is Chandanwari.  Dont confuse registration date with the Darshan Date. Darshan date will not be same as entry date. Because from Pahalgam you reach Holy cave after 2-3 days later due to 30 kms trekking starting from Chandanwari. For Baltal entry and darshan date may be same because it is shorter route and only 15 kms trek that will be covered in 6 hrs only. 

Step 5- Match everything there only and after you find everything is okay return to your home with chanting Jay baba Barfani. 

Below is the table for Registration fee, Amarnath yatra registration of last 10 years. 

  1. Step by Step Procedure to obtain Amarnath Yatra Group Registration

Step 1- Download the Application cum Registration form, Compulsory Medical Health Certificate form, Approved Doctors list.  If you don’t have these pdfs, then click here

And if you don’t have 6 recent passport size photos for each pilgrim then go to the nearest photo studio to make the new one.

Step2- Make your Medical certificate CHC. Procedure is the same as given above. Doctors list already you have downloaded. You just need to go to the nearest doctors to make CHC. 

Step 3- Fill the Registration form of each Applicant as per instructions and details given in the form. Paste photographs. Sign the application form in such a way that half sign on form and half on your photo. 

Step 4- Now go to the bank for making Pay order/DD in favour of “Chief Accounts Officer, Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board, Payable at Jammu and Kashmir (or Only Jammu or Srinagar). Group Registration Fee is Rs 220 Per Pilgrims. Postal charges are extra.  Following is the postal charges. 

No of Persons in a GroupPostal Charges
1 to 5 Rs 50
6 to 10 Rs 100
11 to 15 Rs 150
16 to 20Rs 200
21 to 25Rs 250
26 to 30 and so onRs 300 
Registration Postal Charges as per no of Persons

Step 5 – Take a photocopy of original Medical Certificate, filled registration form, DD   and your id proof like Aadhar/voter id/passport /dl etc. and keep with you.

Step 6 – Write a cover letter to the name of CEO, Amarnath Shrine Board, Jammu and Kashmir. Subjects should be issued for Group registration for Amarnath Yatra.

In the Mention everything total number of pilgrims (up to 50 pilgrims’ registration are allowed in a group registration per route), date of registration, route for registration, amount details, Mailing address of the group leader, email id and mobile no of group leader. 

Step 7– Now Make documentation of each pilgrim. Following is the check list of Amarnath Yatra Group Registration 

( i) Demand draft on top

(ii) Cover letter

(iii) Filled, signed and photo pasted Registration form

(iv) Original Medical Certificate

(v) Id proof Photocopy

There are 5 items for each pilgrim. Once documentation completed go to the Nearest Post office/Courier office and buy the envelope as per size and weight for the documents. Try to wrap all the documents and photos at home using waterproof paper before putting inside the envelope. Now send the courier post at below address. Documents must reach the destination before 31st May. Last date of group registration is 31st May, and the starting day is 1st of March.  The Shrine Board will not be responsible for any postal delay.

Address 1 – (Below address 1 to be used if you are sending between 1st march till 30 th April)

Chief Executive Officer

Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board

Chaitnaya Ashram Talab TIlo 

Jammu, JNK


Address 2 – (Below address 1 to be used if you are sending 1st April till 31st May)

Chief Executive Officer

Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board

2nd Floor, Block III, 

Engineering Complex, Rajbagh

Srinagar, JNK – 1900008

C. Amarnath Yatra Registration for NRI

Step 1 – obtain original medical Certificate from the national hospital of that country

Step 2- Filled the application cum registration form

Step 3= -Scan the photographs

Step 4 – Now Send these documents through mail

Step 5- Payment of Rs 1520. Payment details can be asked through above mail id.

 D. AmarnathYatra On Spot Registration

Amarnath Yatra on spot registration opens a day before the yatra starting date at Jammu and Srinagar. Before reaching Baltal /Chandanwari Yatri ) Must obtain Valid registration, otherwise they may be stopped anywhere on the way. Registration fee for on spot registration is Rs 220 for Indian & approx. 1520 for NRI.

Step 1- Bring original medical certificate, filled application form and Recent 4 photographs.

Step- 2- Go to the nearest on spot registration center in Jammu and Srinagar.

Step 3- Pay the registration fee of Rs 220 per pilgrim for Indian & Rs 1520 for Non-Indian

Step 4 – authority will issue the registration subject to availability. 

Note- This facility is not recommended for planned trips, because seats are not always available and if you get registration availability for the next 4 days from the date of arrival then you will have to bear extra expenses for stay, transport and of course return flight tickets are also at risk. 

Contact us for more details for sure shot registration of your desired date irrespective of any situation.

Note- We don’t provide only registration. If you want to book registration, then you will have to book our Amarnath Yatra Packages. We have 100% Amarnath Registration Guarantee of the booked date. Our dates never bounce. 

Amarnath Yatra Registration Frequently Asked Questions

1 Q- What is the procedure to obtain Amarnath Yatra Registration

Ans– All the procedures of Amarnath yatra Registration has been given above. If you need to book registration with us, then you must book packages with us.

2. Q- How many types of registration available for Amarnath Yatra 2023?

Ans- Please read the above points we have mentioned each and every type of Registration which is to be available in 2023.

3. Q- is obtaining registration an easy job?

Ans “It depends upon your engagement and time spare for the same. But we never find anything easy to obtain especially for Amarnath Yatra whether it is Registration permit / helicopter tickets, pony palki booking, tent/ transport or hotel /houseboat booking. Reason is clear that Amarnath Yatra is one of the biggest Hindu Pilgrimage and festivals in the same way it is one of the busiest times for Jammu and Kashmir tourism and locals. Lakhs of pilgrims interested to book a limited resource this is the reason everything gets expensive, out of stock so pilgrims find it difficult to get as per their choice date. 

Since we sell Amarnath Yatra Tour Packages, so we take guarantee of everything. We Provide everything as per fixed schedule without any if and but, this is the reason Pilgrims and tourists prefer us and our reliability score is high among pilgrims and Vendors. You can check our reviews from here

4.  What if you don’t get the registration for the desired date.

Ans- If you book tour packages then 100% you will get registration for your desired date. If you don’t book packages and want to get yourself then you can ask for other available dates from your source. But if you want for the same date then you can contact us, but here also you will have to book the packages

5. Does Registration required by Helicopter darshan to?

Ans- Yes. As we mentioned, registration and medical certificate documents are compulsory documents for each and every pilgrim in the case of helicopters too. Bu here Registration provider is helicopter operator itself. Contact the helicopter operator for more details. Read more about amaranth yatra helicopter from here.

6. Can  we book registration by myself and package from you ?

Ans – Yes you can do that. Since registration fee is only Rs 120 so it will not give you big relief in package cost deduction.

7.  Can we go to Baltal /chandanwari without registration? 

Ans- No, during yatra time without registration you will not be allowed into that place. 

8. Q – After reading the article I find it easy to obtain registration? So, I am confused, should I plan myself or use your package service?

Ans- There is no point of confusion. Registration fee is Rs 120 but to get that you spend lots of money and time. You stand in que like Tatkal Train Ticket booking for long after leaving your work, even if it is not fixed that you will get for the date you need, so it’s not beneficial to spend time. Since we are a dedicated Tour agency for Amarnath Yatra Pilgrimage and have lots of experience for Amarnath yatra Pilgrimage so it’s our work on a daily basis to issue the permits for pilgrims. If you take our point of view, it’s better to outsource the work to us because only registration is not the last process apart from this you will have to book hotel/ houseboat /Transport/ Tents/ pony palki / Helicopter tickets etc.  You almost spend the same or in the same case more amount as the package only difference is that here we pay to the vendors on behalf of you and in that case, you pay directly to different vendors. So, managing a single agency is always easy instead of managing multi agency for unknown places like Jammu and Kashmir from pilgrims’ point of view.   

Alternatively you can check Frequently asked questions from here

If you find the above article suitable or not happy with the above article, then please leave the feedback from here.

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Hope above things is okey to understand the details about Amarnath Yatra Registration. If you have further query you can contact us through our WhatsApp cum Mobile, – +91-96501-79-446 / +91-96501-79-451 or through our email booking@amarnathjiyatra.com.

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