Amarnath Yatra Step by Step Registration Procedure 2018

Amarnath Yatra Step by Step Registration Procedure 2018

Many Devotees  of shri amarnath yatra face lots of problem , while they go for Amarnath Yatra registration, because they do not know step by step procedure to make online or offline registration. Online registration is not active so here we will explain only offline registration procedure step by step for amarnath yatra .

1. The Registration and issue of yatra permit will be  done on the basis of first come & first serve.

2. The Registration will be started  ( dates not announced ) from all the bank branched , who are authorised to make the same.

3.  All bank  branches have particular no of quota per day and per route basis. so once one route registration is over at one bank branch for a particular date then you will not be able to get the same from that particular bank branch.

4. No one below the age of 13 years and above 75 years are allowed to have shri amarnathji yatra

5. Once you are eligible for the yatra , then go for the medical certificate, make your medical certificate from any authorized doctors , which is compulsory.

6. After making certifcate go to  the nearest authorised branch to make your  yatra registration.

7. the bank may charge you Rs 50 ( rate for 2017, registration fee for 2018  is yet to come), once you pay the amount , then will give you yatra registration for the date you ask provided they have the availability.


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