Machail Mata Helicopter

Machail Mata 2020 Helicopter Tickets

machail mata helicopter tickets

Machail Mata 2020 Helicopter Tickets | Helicopter Service Fare |

Machail Mata Helicopter Tickets 2020 available online & Offline. Machail Mata is located at 40 kms away from Gulabgarh which is last village to go by road in Jammu & Kashmir Kishtwar District. Machail Pata is located at height of 9500 Feet from the sea Level.

Helicopter tickets for Machail Mata Yatra is available from Gulabgarh – Machel Mata -Gulabgarh & Kishtwar- Gulabgarh- Machel Mata- Kishtwar.

One side fare for persons above 2 years old is fixed as Rs 2200 for gulabgarg to Machel Mata & Same Price of Rs 2200 per person is Fixed from Machel Mata to Gulabgarh.

Ther Other route is Kishtwar to Machel Mata. The Helicopter tickets fare for Kishtwar to Machail Mata for one side is fixed to Rs 4000/- per person and for Machel Mata to Kishtwar via Gulabgarh is fixed to Rs 4000.

This Year all persons above 2 years will have to pay full fare to avaiul helicopter services. Helicopter operator for machail mata has done all the formalities to fly their helicopter. You can book helicopter tickets for machel mata with us on cost to cost basis. due to unavailability we are alloting tickets with tours packages from Srinagar & Jammu.

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