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Amarnath Pilgrimage Doctors Karnataka

State – Karnataka
State / UT wise List of Doctors / Institution, authorised to issue Compulsory Health Certificate
District NameAddressPhone No
1BagalkoteDistrict Health Officer Bagalkote9449843041-08354236028
2Bangalore RuralDistrict Health Officer Bangalore Rural9449843038-08023281422
District Health Officer Bangalore Urban9449843037-08022717240
Bangalore UrbaKCG Hospital Melleshwaram080-23344022-9945975070
Jaya Nagar General Hospital080-22445711-26637078
4BelagaviDistrict Health Officer, Belagavi944,984,303,908,312,000,000
5BelariDistrict Health Officer Belari944,984,304,208,392,000,000
6BidarDistrict Health Officer Bidar9449843040-08482233126
7BijapurDistrict Health Officer Bijapur9449843043-08352250107
8Chamraj NagarDiastrict Health Officer Cham Raj Nagar9449843047-08226222421
9ChikkaballapuraDistrict Health Officer Chikkaballapura9449843046-08156277034
10ChikkamagaloreDistrict Health Officer
11ChitraDurgaDistrict Health Officer Chitrara Durga9449843044-08194235464
District Health officer Dakshina Kannada9449843050-08242423672
13DavangreDistrict Health Officer Davangere9449843051-08182237833
14DharwadaDistrict Health Officer Dharwada9449843049-08362447483
15GadagDistrict Health Officer9449843052-08372233996
16GulbargaDistrict health Officer Gulbarga9449843053-08472278619
17HasanDistrict Health Officer Hasan9449843055-08172246832
18HaveriDistrict Health Officer Haveri9449843054-08375249066
19KodaguDistrict Health Officer9449843058-08272225443
20KolaraDistrict Hospital Officer Kolara9449843057-08152290041
21KoppalDistrict Health Officer Koppal9449843056-08539221660
22MandyaDistrict Health Officer Mandya9449843059-8232224027
23MysoreDistrict Health Officer Mysore9449843060-08212529205
24Ram NagaraDistrict Health Officer Ram Nagara9449843061-08029576058
25RaichurDistrict Health Officer Raichur9449843062-08532226020
26ShimogaDistrict health Officer Shimoga9449843063-08182222382
27TumkurDistrict Health Officer Tumkur9449843064-08162278387
28UdupiDistrict health officer Udupi9449843066-08202525566
29Uttara KannadaDistrict Health Officer9449843065-08382226339
30YadgiriDistrict Health Officer9449843067-08473251312
Amarnath Cave Pilgrimage 2024 PackagesAmarnath Pilgrimage Helicopter: A Convenient and Safe Way to Visit the Shrine
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