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Amarnath Pilgrimage Doctors Maharashtra

State – Maharashtra
State / UT wise List of Doctors / Institution, authorised to issue Compulsory Health Certificate
1Genera Hospital MalavaniMedical Superintendent i/c022- 28684530
2SubDistrict Hospital BhivandiMedical Superintendent i/c02522 – 226282
3SubDistrict Hospital DahanuMedical Superintendent i/c02528 – 222371 / 224282 /
4SubDistrict Hospital ShahapurMedical Superintendent i/c224328 02527 – 272464 / 273436
5SubDistrict Hospital KasaMedical Superintendent i/c02528 – 264364 / 264050
6Nagar Palika Ruganalay BadlapurMedical Officer0251- 2690920
7Nagar Palika Ruganalay AmbarnathMedical Officer0251- 2686448
8Nagar Palika Ruganalay VasaiMedical Officer0250 – 2322120
9Patang ShahCottage Hospi. JawharMedical Superintendent i/c02520 – 222407 / 222924
10Primary Health center NalasoparaMedical Officer0250- 2402182
11Primary Health center NavgharMedical Officer0250 – 2332763
12Rural Hospital WadaMedical Superintendent i/c02526 – 271405
13Rural Hospital MurbadMedical Superintendent i/c02524 – 222326
14Rural Hospital TalasariMedical Superintendent i/c02521 – 220062
15Rural Hospital VirarMedical Superintendent i/c0250 – 2502423
16Rural Hospital GoveliMedical Superintendent i/c02524 – 2390026
17Rural Hospital ManorMedical Superintendent i/c02525 – 237922 / 645226
18Dist Hospital PalgharCivil Surgeon02525 – 645261 02525 – 256635
19Additional Civil Surgeon
20Medical Superintendent i/c
21Rural Hospital VikramgadMedical Superintendent i/c02520 – 240035
22Rural Hospital MohkhadaMedical Superintendent i/c02529 – 256655/265800
23Rural Hospital BadlapurMedical Superintendent i/c0251 – 26481368
24Rural Hospital KhardiMedical Superintendent i/c9833436721
25Rural Hospital VangaonMedical Superintendent i/c9930394799
26Rural Hospital Ambadi fataMedical Superintendent i/c9820785725
27Rural Hospital TokawadeMedical Superintendent i/c9821014800
28Central Hospital Ulhasnagar-3Civil surgeon0251 – 2709432 / 2708730 / 2708730
29Additional Civil surgeon
31District Hospital ThaneCivil Surgeon022-25471409 / 25476168
32Additional Civil Surgeon
33Physician Class I
34Other ClassI I Specialist M.O.
35Dy. Director ThaneDEPUTY DIRECTOR CIRCLE02225821474 / 25823448
36SubDistrict Hospital MangaonMedical Superintendent i/c02140-263006
37SubDistrict Hospital PenMedical Superintendent i/c02143-255899
38Cottage Hospi. ShriwardhanMedical Superintendent i/c02147-222329
39Rural Hospital PanvelMedical Superintendent i/c022-27453398
40Rural Hospital UranMedical Superintendent i/c022-27222722
41Rural Hospital ChaukMedical Superintendent i/c02192-273060
42Rural Hospital MahadMedical Superintendent i/c02145-223047
43Rural Hospital KasheleMedical Superintendent i/c02148-244049
44Rural Hospital RohaMedical Superintendent i/c02194-234656
45Rural Hospital JaswaliMedical Superintendent i/c02147-222444
46Rural HospitalMurudMedical Superintendent i/c02144-274700
47Rural Hospital PoladpurMedical Superintendent i/c02191-240224
48Distrct Hospital RaigadCivil Surgeon02141- 222157/222667
49Additional Civil Surgeon
50Physician Class I
51Other ClassI I Specialist M.O.
1Sub-Dist Hospital Daund( Nagar Palik)Medical Superintendent i/c02117-263765
2Sub-Dist Hospital Bhor ( Nagar Palik)Medical Superintendent i/c02113-222964
3Sub-Dist Hospital Indapur (Nagar Palik)Medical Superintendent i/c02111-223326/225671
4Rural Hospital N-KetakiMedical Superintendent i/c02111-282132
5Rural Hospital MancharMedical Superintendent i/c02133-225433/224119
6Rural Hospital GhodegaonMedical Superintendent i/c02133-244243
7Rural Hospital NarayangaonMedical Superintendent i/c02132-243200
8Rural Hospital Junnar(Corp.)Medical Superintendent i/c02132-224100
9Rural Hospital Saswad(Corp.)Medical Superintendent i/c02115-222533
10Rural Hospital Jejuri (Corp.)Medical Superintendent i/c02115-253558
11Rural Hospital Baramati (Corp.)Medical Superintendent i/c02112-227288/221550
12Rural Hospital SupaMedical Superintendent i/c02112-285922
13Rural Hospital RuiMedical Superintendent i/c02112-243735
14Rural Hospital YawatMedical Superintendent i/c02119-274678
15Rural Hospital ShikrapurMedical Superintendent i/c02137-286202
16Medical Superintendent i/c
17Rural Hospital NhavaraMedical Superintendent i/c02137-264446
18Rural Hospital Shirur (Corp.)Medical Superintendent i/c02138-224903
19Rural Hospital VelhaMedical Superintendent i/c02130-221300
20Rh W-MawalMedical Superintendent i/c02114-255412
21Rh PaudMedical Superintendent i/c22943213
22Rh Kale ColonyMedical Superintendent i/c02114-268288
23Sub-Dist Hospital Daund( Nagar Palik)Medical Superintendent i/c02117-263765
24Sub-Dist Hospital Bhor ( Nagar Palik)Medical Superintendent i/c02113-222964
25Sub-Dist Hospital Indapur (Nagar Palik)Medical Superintendent i/c02111-223326/225671
26Rural Hospital N-KetakiMedical Superintendent i/c02111-282132
27Rural Hospital Alandi (Corp.)Medical Superintendent i/c02135-233032
28Rural Hospital ChakanMedical Superintendent i/c02135-255145
29Rural Hospital KhedMedical Superintendent i/c02135-222489
30District Hospital PuneCivil Surgeon020-29700041 / 27285432
31Additional Civil Surgeon02027285937 27285432/ 27285715
32Dy. Director PuneDEPUTY DIRECTOR CIRCLE02026052300/
33Sub-Dist. Hospital PandharpurMedical Superintendent i/c02186-225101
34Sub-Dist.Hospital AklujMedical Superintendent i/c02185-222142
35Sub-Dist. Hospital KarmalaMedical Superintendent i/c02182-220282
36Rural Hospital NateputeMedical Superintendent i/c02185-262390
37Rural Hospital MalshirasMedical Superintendent i/c02185-235093
38Rural Hospital SangolaMedical Superintendent i/c02187-220259
39Rural Hospital ManglwedhaMedical Superintendent i/c02188-220468
40Rural Hospital KarkambMedical Superintendent i/c02186-242425
41Rural Hospital MandrupMedical Superintendent i/c0217-2255887
42Rural Hospital AkkalkotMedical Superintendent i/c02181-220924
43Rural Hospital PangariMedical Superintendent i/c02184-242516
44Rural Hospital BarshiMedical Superintendent i/c02184-228149
45Rural Hospital KurduwadiMedical Superintendent i/c02183-223257
46Rural Hospital MadhaMedical Superintendent i/c02183-235228
47Rural Hospital WadalaMedical Superintendent i/c0217-2246272
48Rural Hospital MoholMedical Superintendent i/c02189-232252
49District Hospital SolapurCivil Surgeon02172310745 / 2749487
50Sub-Dist Hospital PhaltanMedical Superintendent i/c02166 – 220943
51Sub-Dist Hospital KaradMedical Superintendent i/c02164 – 221020
52Cottage Hosptil KaledhonMedical Superintendent i/c02161 – 244240
53Rural Hospital UndaleMedical Superintendent i/c02164 – 256156
54Rural Hospital KoregonMedical Superintendent i/c02163 – 220447
55Rural Hospital, MahabaleshwarMedical Superintendent i/c02168 – 260247
56Rural Hospital DahivadiMedical Superintendent i/c02165 – 220494
57Rural Hospital DebevadiMedical Superintendent i/c02372 – 258117
58Rural Hospital PatanMedical Superintendent i/c02372 – 283268
59Rural Hospital VaiMedical Superintendent i/c02167 – 220044
60Rural Hospital VadujMedical Superintendent i/c02161 – 231218
61Rural Hospital GondwaleMedical Superintendent i/c02165 – 282255
62Rural Hospital PimpodaMedical Superintendent i/c02371 – 251248
63Rural Hospital KandalaMedical Superintendent i/c02169 – 252136
64Rural Hospital SomrdiMedical Superintendent i/c02378 – 230206
65Rural Hospital MedhaMedical Superintendent i/c02378 – 285664
66Rural Hospital AundhMedical Superintendent i/c02161 – 260044
67District Hospital SataraCivil Surgeon02162 – 38494
68Additional Civil Surgeon
1Sub-Dist.Hospital KalwanMedical Superintendent i/c02592-221039
2Sub-Dist.Hospital ChandwadMedical Superintendent i/c02556-252309
3Sub-Dist.Hospital ManmadMedical Superintendent i/c02591-222261
4Sub-Dist.Hospital NifadMedical Superintendent i/c02550-241288
5Rural Hospital GirnareMedical Superintendent i/c0253- 2215002
6Rural Hospital DabhadiMedical Superintendent i/c02554-275553
7Rural Hospital ZodgaMedical Superintendent i/c02554-282911
8Rural Hospital AbhonaMedical Superintendent i/c02592-240574
9Rural Hospital NandgaonMedical Superintendent i/c02552-242222
10Rural Hospital LasalgaonMedical Superintendent i/c02550-295282
11Rural Hospital Dodi Bu.Medical Superintendent i/c02551-261515
12Rural Hospital YewalaMedical Superintendent i/c02559-266152
13Rural Hospital NagarsulMedical Superintendent i/c02559-261240
14Rural Hospital SatanaMedical Superintendent i/c02555-223077
15Rural Hospital NampurMedical Superintendent i/c02555-245157
16Rural Hospital DangsoudaneMedical Superintendent i/c0251 261515
17Rural Hospital DeolaMedical Superintendent i/c02592-228209
18Rural Hospital UmraneMedical Superintendent i/c02598-234127
19Rural Hospital SurganaMedical Superintendent i/c02593-223260
20Rural Hospital BhareMedical Superintendent i/c02558-202976
21Rural Hospital IgatpuriMedical Superintendent i/c02553-243604
22Rural Hospital GhotiMedical Superintendent i/c02553-220730
23Rural Hospital TrambyakMedical Superintendent i/c02594-233029
24Rural Hospital HarsulMedical Superintendent i/c02558 227568
25Rural Hospital PethMedical Superintendent i/c02558-225510
26Rural Hospital DindoriMedical Superintendent i/c02557-221035
27Rural Hospital WaniMedical Superintendent i/c02557-220998
28District Hospital NashikCivil Surgeon0253-2576106 / 2572038
29Additional Civil Surgeon
30GeneralHospital MalegaonCivil Surgeon02554-233555
31Additional Civil Surgeon
32Dy. Director NashikDEPUTY DIRECTOR CIRCLE0253 2592271 / 2592272
33Sub-Dist.Hospital ChopdaMedical Superintendent i/c02586 – 221363
34Sub-Dist.Hospital JamnerMedical Superintendent i/c02580- 230112
35Sub-Dist.Hospital MuktainagarMedical Superintendent i/c02583-234218
36cottage Hospi. ParolaMedical Superintendent i/c02597-222343
37Rural Hospital AmalnerMedical Superintendent i/c02587-226905
38Rural Hospital AmalgaonMedical Superintendent i/c02587-254248
39Rural Hospital BhadgaonMedical Superintendent i/c02596-221636
40Rural Hospital ChalisgaonMedical Superintendent i/c02589 228282 / 244024
41Rural Hospital DharangaonMedical Superintendent i/c02588-251434
42Rural Hospital ErandolMedical Superintendent i/c02588- 244376
43Rural Hospital PachoraMedical Superintendent i/c02596-240100
44Rural Hospital Pimpalgaon HareMedical Superintendent i/c02596-278228
45Rural Hospital RaverMedical Superintendent i/c02584-250573
46Rural Hospital YawalMedical Superintendent i/c02585- 261248
47Rural Hospital NhaviMedical Superintendent i/c02585- 248451
48Rural Hospital PALMedical Superintendent i/c02584-288317
49Rural Hospital VarangaonMedical Superintendent i/c02582-262317
50Rural Hospital BodvadMedical Superintendent i/c02582-275304
51Rural Hospital PahurMedical Superintendent i/c02580-242249
52Rural Hospital MehunbareMedical Superintendent i/c02589-244024
53District Hospital JalgaonCivil Surgeon0257-2232390
54Additional Civil Surgeon
55Sub-Dist Hospital NavapurMedical Superintendent i/c02569 250250
56Sub-Dist Hospital TalodaMedical Superintendent i/c02567 232247
57Rural Hospital AkkalkuwaMedical Superintendent i/c02567-252146
58Rural Hospital DhadgaonMedical Superintendent i/c02595 220220
59Rural Hospital KhandbaraMedical Superintendent i/c02569-270022
60Rural Hospital MhasawadMedical Superintendent i/c02565 255223
61Rural Hospital RanalaMedical Superintendent i/c02564-246636
62Rural Hospital DhanoraMedical Superintendent i/c02564-254479
63Rural Hospital MolgiMedical Superintendent i/c02567-248266
64Rural Hospital JamanaMedical Superintendent i/c9404820173
65Rural Hospital khondamaliMedical Superintendent i/c02564 – 253742
66Rural Hospital VisarwadiMedical Superintendent i/c02569 202356
67Rural Hospital ToranmalMedical Superintendent i/c9423562217
68District Hospital NandurbarCivil Surgeon2564-210131
69Additional Civil Surgeon
70Sub-Dist.Hospital Shirpur (100 beds)Medical Superintendent i/c02563 255009
71Sub-Dist.Hospital Dondaicha (50 beds)Medical Superintendent i/c02566 – 244520
72Rural Hospital, SakriMedical Superintendent i/c02568 – 242332, 244520
73Rural Hospital, SongirMedical Superintendent i/c02562 – 265702, 265946
74Rural Hospital,PimpalnerMedical Superintendent i/c02561 – 223030
75Rural Hospital,ShindkhedaMedical Superintendent i/c02566 – 222253
76Rural Hospital,ThalnerMedical Superintendent i/c02563 203007
77Rural Hospital,Nijampur-JaitaneMedical Superintendent i/c02568 – 276239
78General Hospital DhuleCivil Surgeon02562 237620
79Rural Hospital, PathardiMedical Superintendent i/c02488-222469
80Rural Hospital, KarjatMedical Superintendent i/c02489-223466
81Rural Hospital SangamenerMedical Superintendent i/c02425-221265
82Rural Hospital KopargaonMedical Superintendent i/c02423-221020
83Rural Hospital RahataMedical Superintendent i/c02423-242212
84Rural Hospital ShrirampurMedical Superintendent i/c024422-221491
85Rural Hospital RahuriMedical Superintendent i/c02426-232403, 234702
86Rural Hospital ShrigondaMedical Superintendent i/c02487-222569
87Rural Hospital BodhegaonMedical Superintendent i/c02429-221266
88Rural Hospital NewasaMedical Superintendent i/c02427-244855 02427-
89Rural Hospital JamkhedMedical Superintendent i/c02421 221317
90Rural Hospital AkoleMedical Superintendent i/c02424-221324
91Rural Hospital ShevgaonMedical Superintendent i/c02429-221266
92Rural Hospital RajurMedical Superintendent i/c02424-251303
93Rural Hospital KotulMedical Superintendent i/c02424-242010
94Rural Hospital WamboriMedical Superintendent i/c02426-272033
95Rural Hospital ParnerMedical Superintendent i/c02488-211104
96Rural Hospital LoniMedical Superintendent i/c02422-273449
97Rural Hospital Takali DhokeshwarMedical Superintendent i/c02488-282230
98Rural Hospital PunattambaMedical Superintendent i/c02423-274016
99Rural Hospital ChincondipatilMedical Superintendent i/c0241-2690369
100Rural Hospital GodegaonMedical Superintendent i/c02427-236013
101Rural Hospital SakurMedical Superintendent i/c02425-275048
102Rural Hospital TaharabadMedical Superintendent i/c02426-234702
103Rural Hospital SamshepurMedical Superintendent i/c02425 275048
104District Hospital AhmednagarCivil Surgeon02401- 2430127 / 2430506
1Sub-Dist Hospital GadhinglajMedical Superintendent i/c02327-226644/226642
2Sub-Dist Hospital KodoliMedical Superintendent i/c02328-224239
3Seva Rugnalaya Kasaba BawadaMedical Superintendent i/c0231-2600185
4Colony Hospital,GandhinagarMedical Superintendent i/c0231-2600185
5Rural Hospital khupireMedical Superintendent i/c0231 – 2420144
6Rural Hospital PargaonMedical Superintendent i/c0230-2477062
7Rural Hospital GargotiMedical Superintendent i/c02324-220061
8Rural Hospital MurgudMedical Superintendent i/c02325-264752
9Rural Hospital kagalMedical Superintendent i/c02325-244372
10Rural Hospital RadhanagariMedical Superintendent i/c02321-234986
11Rural Hospital SolankurMedical Superintendent i/c02321-231126
12Rural Hospital MalakapurMedical Superintendent i/c02329-224031
13Rural Hospital ShirolMedical Superintendent i/c02322-236701
14Rural Hospital HatkangaleMedical Superintendent i/c0230-2483272
15Rural Hospital DattawadMedical Superintendent i/c02322-241251
16Rural Hospital NesariMedical Superintendent i/c02327-272138
17Rural Hospital ChandagadMedical Superintendent i/c02320-224280
18Rural Hospital PanhalaMedical Superintendent i/c02328-235049
19Rural Hospital AjaraMedical Superintendent i/c02323-246249
20Rural Hospital GaganbawadaMedical Superintendent i/c02326-222048
21CPR Hospital KolhapurCivil Surgeon02312644352/2644233
22Dy. Director KolhapurDEPUTY DIRECTOR CIRCLE02312667565/2659901
23Sub-Dist Hospital Kawathe-MahakalMedical Superintendent i/c02341 – 223936
24Sub-Dist Hospital IslampurMedical Superintendent i/c02342 – 223158
25Rural Hospital AtapadiMedical Superintendent i/c02343-220308
26Rural Hospital JatMedical Superintendent i/c02344-246288
27Rural Hospital MadagyalMedical Superintendent i/c02344-223250
28Rural Hospital Chinchani vangiMedical Superintendent i/c02347-235545
29Rural Hospital KadegaonMedical Superintendent i/c02347-242087
30Rural Hospital Bhivaghat KarangeMedical Superintendent i/c02347-268115
31Rural Hospital VitaMedical Superintendent i/c02347-273275
32Rural Hospital belankiMedical Superintendent i/c0233-2263635
33Rural Hospital PalusMedical Superintendent i/c02346-226211
34Rural Hospital KokarudMedical Superintendent i/c02345-224153
35Rural Hospital ShiralaMedical Superintendent i/c02345-272149
36Rural Hospital TasgaonMedical Superintendent i/c02346-250280
37Rural Hospital AshtaMedical Superintendent i/c02342-242891
38General Hospital SangliCivil Surgeon02332374651/ 2374452
39SubDistrict Hospital KamtheMedical Superintendent i/c02355 – 250428 / 252628
40SubDistrict Hospital KalambaniMedical Superintendent i/c02356 – 264510
41SubDistrict Hospital DapoliMedical Superintendent i/c02358 – 282071
42Rural Hospital DevrukhMedical Superintendent i/c02354 – 261093
43Rural Hospital SangmeshwarMedical Superintendent i/c02354 – 272700/252018
44Rural Hospital RajapurMedical Superintendent i/c02353 – 223800
45Rural Hospital GuhagharMedical Superintendent i/c02359 – 240208
46Rural Hospital MandangadMedical Superintendent i/c02350 – 225224
47Rural Hospital PaliMedical Superintendent i/c02352 – 249649
48Rural Hospital LanjaMedical Superintendent i/c02352 – 231201/230101
49Rural Hospital RaipatanMedical Superintendent i/c02353 – 223800
50District Hospital RatnagiriCivil Surgeon2352- 222363 / 222106
51Additional Civil Surgeon
52Sub-Dist Hospital SawantwadiMedical Superintendent i/c02363-275035
53Sub-Dist Hospital KankawaliMedical Superintendent i/c02367-233959
54Sub-Dist Hospital ShirodaMedical Superintendent i/c02366-227202
55Rural Hospital DodamargMedical Superintendent i/c02363-256617
56Rural Hospital KudalMedical Superintendent i/c02363-222483
57Rural Hospital DevgadMedical Superintendent i/c02363-262253
58Rural Hospital MalvanMedical Superintendent i/c02363-252032
59Rural Hospital VengurlaMedical Superintendent i/c02363-262235
60Rural Hospital VaibhavwadiMedical Superintendent i/c02363-237581
61Rural Hospital Pendur KattaMedical Superintendent i/c02363-225861
62District Hospital SindhudurgCivil Surgeon02362 – 228900 023262- 280498
63Additional Civil Surgeon
1Sub-District Hospital GangapurMedical Superintendent i/c02433-221259 ,
2Sub-District Hospital, SillodMedical Superintendent i/c02430-222046
3Sub-District Hospital, VaijapurMedical Superintendent i/c02436-221216, 222996
4Rural Hospital KhultabadMedical Superintendent i/c02437-241323
5Rural Hospital PachodMedical Superintendent i/c02431-221329
6Rural Hospital KannadMedical Superintendent i/c02435-222219
7Rural Hospital PishorMedical Superintendent i/c02435- 229026
8Rural Hospital KarmadMedical Superintendent i/c0240-2700010
9Rural Hospital SoygaonMedical Superintendent i/c2438-234333
10Rural Hospital AjantaMedical Superintendent i/c02439-288600
11Rural Hospital FulmbriMedical Superintendent i/c0240-2020530
12Rural Hospital BeedkinMedical Superintendent i/c02431-241888
13Rural Hospital DevgaonRangariMedical Superintendent i/c02435-247213
14General Hospital AurangabadCivil Surgeon2331019
15Dy. Director AurangabadDEPUTY DIRECTOR CIRCLE0240 2334049 / 2334254 /
16Sub-District Hospital BasmathMedical Superintendent i/c02454-220202
17Rural Hospital Akhada BalapurMedical Superintendent i/c02456-223086
18Rural Hospital KalamnuriMedical Superintendent i/c02455-222083
19Rural Hospital AundhanagnathMedical Superintendent i/c02456-260557
20Rural Hospital SengaonMedical Superintendent i/c02456-250278
21District Hospital HingoliCivil Surgeon02456-223086
22Additional Civil Surgeon
23Sub-District AmbadMedical Superintendent i/c02483-220098
24Rural Hospital NerMedical Superintendent i/c02481-251777
25Rural Hospital ParturMedical Superintendent i/c02484-221293
26Rural Hospital ManthaMedical Superintendent i/c02484-270057
27Rural Hospital BhokardanMedical Superintendent i/c02485-244559
28Rural Hospital JafrabadMedical Superintendent i/c02485-203330
29Rural Hospital TembhuraniMedical Superintendent i/c02485-226768
30Rural Hospital BadnapurMedical Superintendent i/c02482-261767
31Rural Hospital GhansavangiMedical Superintendent i/c02483-231497
32District Hospital JalanaCivil Surgeon02482-224381
33Additional Civil Surgeon
34Sub Distric Hospital SeluMedical Superintendent i/c02451-222763, 222316
35Sub Distric Hospital GangakhedMedical Superintendent i/c02453-221580
36Rural Hospital PathriMedical Superintendent i/c02451-252256
37Rural Hospital PurnaMedical Superintendent i/c02452-255902
38Rural Hospital BoriMedical Superintendent i/c02457-243150
39Rural Hospital PalamMedical Superintendent i/c02453-270806
40Rural Hospital JinturMedical Superintendent i/c02457-220231
41Rural Hospital ManawatMedical Superintendent i/c02451-240606
42District Hospital ParbhaniCivil Surgeon02452-223458
Fax -231387
43Additional Civil Surgeon
1Sub Distric HospitalUdgirMedical Superintendent i/c02385-256428
2Sub Distric HospitalNilangaMedical Superintendent i/c02384-242068
3Rural Hospital ChakurMedical Superintendent i/c02381-252276
4Rural Hospital MurudMedical Superintendent i/c02382-270035
5Rural Hospital AusaMedical Superintendent i/c02383-222046
6Rural Hospital RenapurMedical Superintendent i/c02382-233194
7Rural Hospital DeoniMedical Superintendent i/c02385-269366
8Rural Hospital KillariMedical Superintendent i/c02383-223507
9Rural Hospital BabhalgaonMedical Superintendent i/c02382-265040
10Rural Hospital KasarsirsiMedical Superintendent i/c02384-262633
11Rural Hospital JalkotMedical Superintendent i/c02385-275534
12Rural Hospital AhemadpurMedical Superintendent i/c02381-262068
13Civil Hospital,LaturCivil Surgeon
14Dy. Director LaturDEPUTY DIRECTOR CIRCLE02382-220311/12
15Sub-Dist Hospital GeoraiMedical Superintendent i/c02447-264173
16Sub-Dist Hospital ParliMedical Superintendent i/c02446-223098
17Sub-Dist Hospital KaijMedical Superintendent i/c02445-251812 / 252020
18Rural Hospital MajalgaonMedical Superintendent i/c02443-234554
19Rural Hospital TalkhedMedical Superintendent i/c02443-242770
20Rural Hospital DharurMedical Superintendent i/c02445-244716
21Rural Hospital Nandur ghatMedical Superintendent i/c02445-231991
22Rural Hospital DhanoraMedical Superintendent i/c02446-255711
23Rural Hospital AshtiMedical Superintendent i/c02441-232343 / 232669
24Rural Hospital PatodaMedical Superintendent i/c02444-242270
25Rural Hospital RaimohaMedical Superintendent i/c02444-258445
26Rural Hospital ChinchwanMedical Superintendent i/c02443-257558
27District Hospital BeedCivil Surgeon02442-225458
28Additional Civil Surgeon
29Sub District Hospital MukhedMedical Superintendent i/c02461-223863
30Sub Distric Hospital DeglurMedical Superintendent i/c02463-256027
31Sub Distric Hospital GokundaMedical Superintendent i/c02469-224381
32Sub Distric Hospital HadgaonMedical Superintendent i/c02468-222336
33Rural Hospital BiloliMedical Superintendent i/c02465-223340
34Rural Hospital UmariMedical Superintendent i/c02467-244046
35Rural Hospital KandharMedical Superintendent i/c02466-204257, 223460
36Rural Hospital LohaMedical Superintendent i/c02466-242570,
37Rural Hospital DharmabadMedical Superintendent i/c02465-244113 , 245916
38Rural Hospital MudkhedMedical Superintendent i/c02466-223460 , 275950
39Rural Hospital BhokarMedical Superintendent i/c02467-222646
40Rural Hospital NaaigaonMedical Superintendent i/c02465-226108 , 262108
41Rural Hospital MahurMedical Superintendent i/c02460-268565 , 268426
42Rural Hospital HimayatNagarMedical Superintendent i/c02468-244737
43Rural Hospital BaradMedical Superintendent i/c02467-222646 , 276435
44Rural Hospital MandviMedical Superintendent i/c02460-266330
45General Hospital NandedCivil Surgeon02462234750/ 234750
46Additional Civil Surgeon
49Name of HospitalDesignation of DoctorContact number
50Sub-District Hospital OmergaMedical Superintendent i/c02475-252130
51Sub-District Hospita ParandaMedical Superintendent i/c02477-232420
52Sub-District HospitaTuljapurMedical Superintendent i/c02471-242168
53Rural Hospital BhoomMedical Superintendent i/c02478-273211
54Rural Hospital KallambMedical Superintendent i/c02473-262153
55Rural Hospital WashiMedical Superintendent i/c02478-276018
56Rural Hospital TerMedical Superintendent i/c02472-233495
57Rural Hospital LoharaMedical Superintendent i/c02475-266651
58Rural Hospital MurumMedical Superintendent i/c02475-256159
59Rural Hospital Sastur (Sparsh)Medical Superintendent i/c02475-259581
60Disctric Hospital OsmanabadCivil Surgeon02472-226924
61Additional Civil Surgeon
1Sub-district Hospital MurtizapurMedical Superintendent i/c07257 243627
2Rural Hospital, AkotMedical Superintendent i/c07258 222184
3Rural Hospital, TelharaMedical Superintendent i/c07258 231120
4Rural Hospital, BalapurMedical Superintendent i/c07257 222630
5Rural Hospital, ChatariMedical Superintendent i/c07254 280443
6Rural Hospital,BarshitakliMedical Superintendent i/c07255 282810
7General Hospital AkolaCivil Surgeon0724 2435018
8Dy. Director AkolaDEPUTY DIRECTOR CIRCLE07242435248/ 2436064
9Sub-Dist Hospital ACHALPURMedical Superintendent i/c07223/251990
10Sub-Dist Hospital DARYAPURMedical Superintendent i/c07224/234130
11Sub-Dist Hospital MorshiMedical Superintendent i/c07228/222335
12Sub-Dist Hospital DHARNIMedical Superintendent i/c07226/224266
13Rural Hospital WARUDMedical Superintendent i/c07229/233578
14Rural Hospital ANJANGAON SURJI.Medical Superintendent i/c07224/242413
15Rural Hospital DHAMANGAON Rly.Medical Superintendent i/c0722/238964
16Rural Hospital CHANDUR Rly.Medical Superintendent i/c07222/254265
17Rural Hospital CHIKHALDARAMedical Superintendent i/c07220/230252
18Rural Hospital CHANDUR BZ.Medical Superintendent i/c07227/243336
19Rural Hospital TIWASAMedical Superintendent i/c07225/222053
20Rural Hospital NANDGAON Kh.Medical Superintendent i/c07221/222055
21Rural Hospital CHURNIMedical Superintendent i/c07220/204101
22District Hospital AmrawatiCivil Surgeon721 2663339
23Additional Civil Surgeon0721/2663337
24SubDistict Hospital,ShegaonMedical Superintendent i/c07265-252020
25SubDistict Hospital,MalkapurMedical Superintendent i/c07267-222443
26Rural HospitalChikhaliMedical Superintendent i/c07264-243353
27Rural Hospital Deulgaon MahiMedical Superintendent i/c07261-263752
28Rural Hospital.MehekarMedical Superintendent i/c07268-224109
31Name of HospitalDesignation of DoctorContact number
32Rural Hospital DeulgaonrajaMedical Superintendent i/c07261-232093
33Rural Hospital SindkhedrajaMedical Superintendent i/c07269-234547
34Rural Hospital BibiMedical Superintendent i/c07260-271468
35Rural Hospital.LonarMedical Superintendent i/c07260-220546
36Rural Hospital LakhanwadaMedical Superintendent i/c07263-272258
37Rural Hospital WarwatbakalMedical Superintendent i/c07266-247103
38Rural Hospital Jalgaon JamodMedical Superintendent i/c07266-224022
39Rural Hospital MotalaMedical Superintendent i/c07267-245250
40Rural Hospital DhadMedical Superintendent i/c07262-255219,265219
41General Hospital,KhamgaonMedical Superintendent i/c07263-255332
42Additional Civil Surgeon
43District Hospital BuldhanaCivil Surgeon7262-242423/241646
44Additional Civil Surgeon
45Rular Hospital KaranjaMedical Superintendent i/c07256-224511
46Rular Hospital MangrulpirMedical Superintendent i/c07253-230229
47Rular Hospital RisodMedical Superintendent i/c07251-222359
48Rular Hospital KamargaonMedical Superintendent i/c07256-235031
49Rular Hospital ManoraMedical Superintendent i/c07253-233254
50Rular Hospital MalegaonMedical Superintendent i/c07254-275434
51Rular Hospital AnsingMedical Superintendent i/c07252-226006
52District Hospital WashimCivil Surgeon07252 235720
53Additional Civil Surgeon
54Sub-District Hospital DarwhaMedical Superintendent i/c07238 254213
55Sub-District Hospital PusadMedical Superintendent i/c07233 246520
56Sub-District Hospital PandharkawadaMedical Superintendent i/c07235 227625
57Rural Hospital UmarkhedMedical Superintendent i/c07231 237152
58Rural Hospital WaniMedical Superintendent i/c07239 225454
59Rural Hospital NerMedical Superintendent i/c07238 267428
60Rural Hospital DigrasMedical Superintendent i/c07234 222352
61Rural Hospital GhatanjiMedical Superintendent i/c07230 227473
62Rural Hospital RalegaonMedical Superintendent i/c07202-225511
63Rural Hospital MaregaonMedical Superintendent i/c07237 237242
64Rural Hospital KalambMedical Superintendent i/c07201 226528
65Rural Hospital SawanaMedical Superintendent i/c07236 233207
66Rural Hospital ArniMedical Superintendent i/c07234 266397
67Rural Hospital ZarijamniMedical Superintendent i/c07237 236631
68Rural Hospital BabhulgaonMedical Superintendent i/c7203270284
69Rural Hospital KaranjiMedical Superintendent i/c9850607917
70Rural Hospital LohiMedical Superintendent i/c07238-253341
71General Hospital YeotmalCivil Surgeon7232-243162 / 243162/
1Rural Hospital KatolMedical Superintendent i/cO7112222529
2Rural Hospital UmrerMedical Superintendent i/cO7116242059
3Rural Hospital NarkhedMedical Superintendent i/cO7105232336
4Rural Hospital ParshivaniMedical Superintendent i/cO7102225336
5Rural HospitalKuhiMedical Superintendent i/cO7100222512
6Rural Hospital BhiwapurMedical Superintendent i/cO7106232003
7Rural Hospital KalmeshwarMedical Superintendent i/cO7118271245
8Rural HospitalHingnaMedical Superintendent i/cO7104325556
9Rural Hospital DeolaparMedical Superintendent i/cO7114257475
10General Hospital NagpurCivil SurgeonO712 2726126
11Dy. Director NagpurDEPUTY DIRECTOR CIRCLE07122461933 / 2422665 / 2465988
12Sub District Hospital, ArmoriMedical Superintendent i/cO7137266862
13Sub District Hospital, AheriMedical Superintendent i/cO7133272072
14Sub District Hospital, KurkhedaMedical Superintendent i/cO7139245901
15Rural Hospital, ChamorshiMedical Superintendent i/cO7135235113
16Rural Hospital, AsthiMedical Superintendent i/cO7135244359
17Rural Hospital, WadsaMedical Superintendent i/cO7137273810
18Rural Hospital, KorchiMedical Superintendent i/cO7139230151
19Rural Hospital, MulcheraMedical Superintendent i/cO7135271173
20Rural Hospital, EtapalliMedical Superintendent i/cO7136202062
21Rural Hospital, BhamragadMedical Superintendent i/cO7136202062
22Rural Hospital, SironchaMedical Superintendent i/cO7136202062
23Rural Hospital, DhanoraMedical Superintendent i/cO7138254054
24District Hospital, GadchiroliCivil SurgeonO7132222320
25Additional Civil Surgeon
26Sub Distt.Hospital,TumsarMedical Superintendent i/cO7183232202
27Sub Distt.Hospital, SakoliMedical Superintendent i/cO7186236164
28Rural Hospital PauniMedical Superintendent i/cO7185255033
29Rural Hospital LakhaniMedical Superintendent i/cO7186246804
30Rural Hospital PalandurMedical Superintendent i/cO7186234277
31Rural Hospital LakhandurMedical Superintendent i/cO7181260061
32Rural Hospital MohadiMedical Superintendent i/cO7179241774
33Rural Hospital SihoraMedical Superintendent i/cO7183239785
34Rural Hospital AdyalMedical Superintendent i/cO7185252211
35District Hospital BhandaraCivil SurgeonO7184252247
36Additional Civil Surgeon
37Sub Distt.Hospital, MulMedical Superintendent i/cO7174221402
38Sub Distt.Hospital, WaroraMedical Superintendent i/cO7176281370
39Rural Hospital RajuraMedical Superintendent i/cO7173222136
40Rural Hospital BramhapuriMedical Superintendent i/cO7177272102
41Rural Hospital SaoliMedical Superintendent i/cO7174274694
42Rural Hospital BallarpurMedical Superintendent i/cO7172240743
44Name of HospitalDesignation of DoctorContact number
45Rural Hospital BhadrawatiMedical Superintendent i/cO7175265078
46Rural Hospital NagbhidMedical Superintendent i/cO7179240063
47Rural Hospital ChimurMedical Superintendent i/cO7170265519
48Rural Hospital KorpanaMedical Superintendent i/cO7173236560
49Rural Hospital GondpipariMedical Superintendent i/cO7171220061
50Rural Hospital SindewahiMedical Superintendent i/cO7178288265
51Rural Hospital GadchandurMedical Superintendent i/cO7173246544
52District Hospital, ChandrapurCivil SurgeonO7172252103
53Additional Civil Surgeon
54Sub Distt Hospital HinganghatMedical Superintendent i/cO7158244892
55Sub Distt Hospital ArviMedical Superintendent i/cO7157222411
56Rural Hospital PulgaonMedical Superintendent i/cO7158282236
57Rural Hospital SelooMedical Superintendent i/cO7155220196
58Rural Hospital KaranjaMedical Superintendent i/cO7156245839
59Rural Hospital BhidiMedical Superintendent i/cO7158252629
60Rural Hospital SamudrapurMedical Superintendent i/cO7151225249
61Rural Hospital WadnerMedical Superintendent i/cO7153255835
62Disrtict Hospital,WardhaCivil SurgeonO7152243066
63Additional Civil Surgeon
64Sub District Hospital, TirodaMedical Superintendent i/cO7196254118
65Rural Hospital, Navegaon bandhMedical Superintendent i/cO7196228007
66Rural Hospital, ChichgadMedical Superintendent i/cO7199224125
67Rural Hospital, Morgaon ArjuniMedical Superintendent i/cO7197220166
68Rural Hospital, SalekasaMedical Superintendent i/cO7180244181
69Rural Hospital, DeoriMedical Superintendent i/cO7199225222
70Rural Hospital, AmgaonMedical Superintendent i/cO7189225157
71Rural Hospital,Sadak ArjuniMedical Superintendent i/cO7199233239
72Rural Hospital, GoregaonMedical Superintendent i/cO7187292334
73Rural Hospital, RajegaonMedical Superintendent i/cO7182270499
74Rural Hospital, SaundadMedical Superintendent i/cO7199232199
75District Hospital, GondiaCivil SurgeonO7182235077
76Additional Civil Surgeon
1. Nodal Officer Proposed is Dr. Marulkar U.D.Assistant Director Landline 022-22611471 email – jdhs03@gmail.com2. List of All Medical Suprintendents, Civil Surgeons, Deputy Directors is attached.
3. It may be dispaled on website. People should contact Medical Superintendet first, Civil Surgeon in case of problems, Deputy Director Circle in case Civil Surgeon is not accesible and Nodal Officer if problem is not solved at all three levels.
DMER List of – Hospital Information (Medical College Hospitals) for Pilgrimage- 2022 Mumbai
District NameName of HospitalDesignation of DoctorOffice Phone No
MumbaiGrant Medical College &Hospital, Mumbai.Medical Superintendent022-23743366
PuneB.J. G.M. C. & Sassoon General Hospital,Medical Superintendent020-26120161
Govt.Medical College & Hospital, Nagpur.
Medical Superintendent0712-2749311
Aurangabad Govt.Medical College & Hospital, Aurangabad Medical Superintendent240-2402409
NagpurI.G. G.M.C.& Hospital, NagpurMedical Superintendent0712-2770929
SolapurDr.V.S.G.M.& C.S.M.General lHospital,Medical Superintendent0217-2749495
Government Medical College & Hospital,
Medical Superintendent0233-2231158
Shri.V.Naik G.M.C.& Hospital, Yavatmal
Medical Superintendent07232-239868
LaturGovt.Medical College & General Hospital,Medical Superintendent02382-247676
Medical Superintendent0231-2644369
Govt.Medical College & Hospital, Akola
Medical Superintendent2724-2431960
AmbajogaiS.R.T.R.M.C.& Hospital, AmbajogaiMedical Superintendent02446-248438
DhuleShri.B.Hire G.M.C.&General Hospital, Dhule Medical Superintendent02562-239407
NandedDr.S.Chavan G.M.C. &Medical Superintendent2462-234118
P.V.Patil, Govt Hosp, Sangli
Medical Superintendent0233-2374654
Ch.M.S.& HOD (SHCS) 1/cCh.M.S.& HOD (SHCS) 1/c 0-26422775(Extn.4001)
K.B.Bhabha Hospital BandraM.S26422775
MV.N.Desai Santacruz (e)M.S i/c26182081/
Siddharth, Goregaon (W)Ch.M.O. 1/c28766885/86/ P 28782889
S.K.Patial Malad (E)Ch.M.O. 1/cO-28899447 P 28894381
M.W.Desai Malad (E)Ch.M.O.P-28834539
Bharatratha Dr. Ambedkar KandivaliDy.M.S. 1/cO-28647003/4/ P-28051511
Kasturba Cross Road, Borivil (E)Ch.M.O.O-28058208
Harial Bhagwati Hospitals Borivili (W)M.S.O-28932461
Kurla Bhabha Hos. (W)M.S i/cO-26500144/241/ P-26504515
MAA ChemburCh.M.O. i/cO-25220333/34
Pt.M.M.M.centenary GovandiCh.M.O. i/cPO-255644069-70 P-25564071
Rajawadi Hospital (W)M.S.O-21025149 P 21027372
Sant Muktabai Bravenagar Ghatkopar (W)Ch.M.O. i/cO-25153771
P- 25126088
K.M.J. Phule Hospital, Kannmwrnager Vikhroli (E)Ch.M.O. i/cO-25782283 P 25783940
S.V.D. Savarkar Hosp. Mulund (E)Ch.M.O. i/cO-21636225 ,
M.T.Agarwal Hosp. Mulund (W)Ch.M.O. i/cO-25605729 / P 25605728
H.B.T.Medical College & Dr.R.N. Cooper Municipal General Hospital, Juhu, Mumbai 56.Associate Professor26207254-
extension no:183
H.B.T.Medical College & Dr.R.N. Cooper Municipal General Hospital, Juhu, Mumbai 56.Associate Professor26207258-
extension no:185
M.H.O. Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation- Medical Suptd.27899906/986933 5455
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