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    Amarnath Pilgrimage Booking 2024

    It is assumed that you have already planned the Amarnath Pilgrimage for the upcoming season. In the last post we have already described the planning of Amarnath Pilgrimage. In this post we will tell you how to book Amarnath Pilgrimage? There may be many questions in your mind about the Amarnath Pilgrimage booking procedure, terms and conditions, and at the same time after booking how to avail the services, payments terms etc.  We will describe each term step by step.

    1. Amarnath Pilgrimage Booking Procedure 2024

    Step 1- Call or WhatsApp this contacts +91- 96-50-17-94- 51, +91-96-50-17-94-46 or send your query through query form given below

    Step 2- Give details about Your Name, Total No of Persons, Types of Packages (By Helicopter 0r Trek ) , Duration, Route (From Pahalgam/ Chandanwari  or Neelgrath /Baltal ) , Your email id, Mobile No, WhatsApp No and Date of Journey.

    Step 3- Date of Journey must be between 30th June 2024 – 19th August 2024. Read More about dates from here.

    Step 4- Tell us about types and packages you have selected.

    4N/5D Helicopter Package download Pdf (40779 downloads)
    Trekking Package Chandanwari PDF Download (103835 downloads)
    Amarnathji+Maa Vaishno PDF (26955 downloads)
    Trekking Package Baltal PDF Download (31877 downloads)
    Amarnath Cave Pilgrimage Package

     Step 5. Once you make payment and after getting confirmation from our side you send us Your Aadhar card,  yatri contact no, email id along with weight of passengers in proper format. 

    Step 6- Once you come for Pilgrimage you should be ready with your Original Medical Certificate, & RFID Card. Both are compulsory. Read more about Amarnath Pilgrimage 2024 Medical .

    • Note if you take service from Jammu then Rs 1500 as transport charges extra per side. Minimum 6 persons amount need to pay for Non ac Tavera / query and Minimum 8 persons for non ac Innova.
    • Check our tour reviews. 
    1. Amarnath Pilgrimage 2024 Bank Details

    Name- Ambraoleia Hospitality Private Limited

    Ac No- 072005000765

    IFSc Code- ICIC0000720

    Swift Code- ICICINBB

    Branch Code: 000720
    MICR Code: 110229078

    1. Where is Amarnath Pilgrimage 2024 Booking Office located?

    Our Amarnath Pilgrimage 2024 Located at two Places. One is at National Capital Territory Region (Delhi- NCR) and other is at Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

    ) Permanent Address


    430/7, Om plaza, Sant Nagar , East of Kailash, New Delhi-110065

    (b) Temporary Address-  

    Rajbagh , Srinagar

    1. What are the Amarnath Pilgrimage 2024 Terms & Conditions?

    Please read carefully our terms & conditions before booking with us. If you have already booked, then you can ask for a copy of the same. Using this website means you are agreed with our terms & conditions.

    5. How many Persons can travel in a Helicopter & Trekking at a time ?

    Ans- If you go by Helicopter then we can provide 50 persons booking each from both the routes in a single day for travel dates between 1st July – 15 July, 100 persons for 16 July- 31 july & 150 for 1st August – till last date.  and if you can go trekking then everyday 200 people from each route. If you talk about travelling in a single trip by helicopter, then 6 persons can travel in a helicopter and by trekking 10000 people from each route. Helicopter frequency is 10 minutes from Neelgrath / Baltal & 20 minutes from Pahalgam.

    You can hire a pony or Palki from Holycave to reach Pahalgam. The distance from Holycave to Pahagam is 45 kms in which 29 km is by trekking via Sheshnag, Panchatrni and 16 kms is by road from Chandanwari. Generally, it takes around 2- 3 days to complete by walk and 2 days by pony / Palki. Generally returning pilgrims complete in 1 day also provided there is no rain and the route is clear from holycave to Chandanwari /Pahalgam..

    Alternatively you can check Frequently asked questions from here

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    If you find the above article suitable or not happy with the above article, then please leave the feedback from Contact us page .

    Hope above things is okay to understand the details about Amarnath Pilgrimage Booking. If you have further query you can contact us through our WhatsApp cum Mobile, no – +91-96501-79-446 / +91-96501-79-451 or through our email booking@amarnathjiyatra.com.

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