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Echoes of Devotion: A Glimpse into the 2024 Amarnath Pilgrimage

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Amarnath Pilgrimage: Helicopter Fares by Route and Sector

The Amarnath pilgrimage is a popular Hindu pilgrimage that takes place in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The pilgrimage is to the Amarnath cave, which is said to house an ice stalagmite that is believed to represent Shiva lingam. The pilgrimage is usually undertaken in the summer months, from June to August.

One of the most popular ways to reach the Amarnath cave is by helicopter. Helicopters can land at the helipads located at Baltal and Pahalgam, which are the two main starting points for the pilgrimage. The cost of a helicopter ticket varies depending on the route and the year.

The following table shows the helicopter fares for the Amarnath pilgrimage from 2010 to 2023:

YearBaltal/Neelgrath SectorPahalgam Sector
2010Rs. 2,425Rs. 3,800
2011Rs. 2,425Rs. 3,495
2012Rs. 1,445Rs. 2,355
2013Rs. 1,500Rs. 2,400
2014Rs. 1,950Rs. 4,190
2015Rs. 1,950Rs. 4,190
2016Rs. 2,000Rs. 4,300
2017Rs. 1,715Rs. 2,950
2018Rs. 1,600Rs. 2,751
2019Rs. 1,804Rs. 3,102
2020Rs. 1,804Rs. 3,102
2021Rs. 1,969Rs. 3,395
2022Rs. 2,800Rs. 4,200
2023Rs. 2,800Rs. 4,200
2024Yet to comeYet to come
helicopter fares for the Amarnath pilgrimage from 2010 to 2023

It is important to note that these are just the fares for the helicopter ride. Pilgrims will also need to pay for other expenses, such as accommodation, food, and permits.

The cost of the helicopter ride can be a significant expense, but it can also save pilgrims a lot of time and effort. The journey from Baltal or Pahalgam to the Amarnath cave is long and arduous, and it can take several days to complete. By taking a helicopter, pilgrims can reach the cave in just a few hours.

If you are planning to undertake the Amarnath pilgrimage, you should consider the cost of the helicopter ride when making your budget. The helicopter ride can be a great way to save time and effort, but it is also a significant expense.

Helicopter Fare Chart

Above prices includes all taxes.


Till 2011 children between 2-12 years were used to pay half the fare but from 2012 onwards children above 13 years only allowed for the Pilgrimage, so they were charged full by the Amarnath Pilgrimage Helicopter Operators and Amarnath Shrine Board.


  • The helicopter fare is subject to change.
  • Pilgrims must book their helicopter tickets in advance.
  • Pilgrims must carry a valid ID proof and permit.
  • Pilgrims must be in good health to undertake the helicopter ride.

In 2015, the helicopter routes from Baltal were changed to Neelgrath Helipad. The reason for this change was to reduce the number of pilgrims on the Baltal route and to improve the safety of pilgrims. The Neelgrath helipad is located at a higher altitude than the Baltal helipad, which makes it safer for helicopters to operate.

Amarnath Pilgrimage 2024 Dates: 29th June-19 AugFrequently Asked Questions for Amarnath Pilgrimage
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