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Echoes of Devotion: A Glimpse into the 2024 Amarnath Pilgrimage

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Amarnath Pilgrimage Planning 2024

Amarnath Pilgrimage is one of the most popular pilgrimages in India. It is a journey to the Amarnath cave, which is believed to be the home of Lord Shiva. The pilgrimage takes place in the Kashmir Valley, and it is a challenging trek that can be dangerous if not properly planned.

Here are some tips for planning your Amarnath pilgrimage in 2024:

  • Choose the right time of year: The best time to go on the Amarnath pilgrimage is during the summer months, from June to August. The weather is mild during this time, and the trails are less crowded.
  • Get a permit: You will need a permit to enter the Amarnath pilgrimage area. You can apply for a permit online or at the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board office in Srinagar.
  • Hire a guide: It is a good idea to hire a guide for your Amarnath pilgrimage. A guide can help you navigate the trails, find food and lodging, and deal with any emergencies.
  • Be prepared for the altitude: The Amarnath pilgrimage is at an altitude of over 14,000 feet. If you are not used to high altitudes, you may experience altitude sickness. Be sure to acclimatize to the altitude before you start your trek.
  • Pack the essentials: Make sure you pack all the essentials for your Amarnath pilgrimage, including warm clothing, sunscreen, a first-aid kit, and plenty of water.
  • Be respectful of the environment: The Amarnath pilgrimage is a sacred journey. Be sure to be respectful of the environment and the people you encounter along the way.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your Amarnath pilgrimage is safe and enjoyable.

Who is Lord Amarnath?

Lord Amarnath is a Hindu deity who is worshipped in the form of a natural ice stalagmite that forms in a cave in the Himalayas. The cave is located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, and is a popular pilgrimage destination for Hindus.

Lord Amarnath is believed to be a manifestation of Lord Shiva, one of the three main deities of Hinduism. Shiva is the god of destruction, and is also associated with fertility and regeneration. The cave at Amarnath is said to be the place where Shiva revealed the secret of life and death to his consort, Parvati.

The pilgrimage to Amarnath is a challenging one, as the cave is located at an altitude of 14,000 feet. However, the journey is said to be spiritually rewarding, and pilgrims often report feeling a sense of peace and tranquility at the cave.

The Legend of Lord Amarnath

The legend of Lord Amarnath tells the story of how Shiva revealed the secret of life and death to his consort, Parvati. One day, Parvati asked Shiva to explain the meaning of life and death. Shiva agreed, and took Parvati to a cave in the Himalayas.

Inside the cave, Shiva told Parvati that the universe is cyclical, and that it is constantly being created and destroyed. He said that the soul is immortal, and that it is reborn into new bodies after death.

Parvati was amazed by Shiva’s teachings, and she thanked him for sharing them with her. The cave where Shiva revealed the secret of life and death is now known as the Amarnath cave, and it is a popular pilgrimage destination for Hindus.

The Significance of Lord Amarnath

Lord Amarnath is a significant figure in Hinduism, and he is worshipped by millions of people around the world. The pilgrimage to Amarnath is a challenging one, but it is also a spiritually rewarding one. Pilgrims often report feeling a sense of peace and tranquility at the cave, and they believe that the journey has helped them to connect with their spiritual selves.

Lord Amarnath is a reminder that life is cyclical, and that the soul is immortal. He is a source of hope and inspiration for Hindus, and he helps them to understand the meaning of life and death.

Why is Lord Amarnathji also known as Baba Barfani?

Lord Amarnathji is also known as Baba Barfani because of the ice stalagmite resembling the Shiva Linga in the holy cave. The word “Barfani” means “made of ice” in Hindi. This is the reason Lord Amarnathji is also known as Baba Barfani.

The Amarnath cave is located in the Himalayas, at an altitude of 14,500 feet. The cave is only accessible during the summer months, when the snow melts. During this time, the ice stalagmite forms and resembles the Shiva Linga, a symbol of Lord Shiva.

Pilgrims from all over India and the world visit the Amarnath cave to worship Lord Shiva. The cave is a popular pilgrimage destination, and it is believed that a visit to the cave can bring blessings and good fortune.

Bhuke ko Anna, Pyase ko Pani, Jay Baba Barfani!

This is a popular chant that is often heard at the Amarnath cave. The chant means “Food for the hungry, water for the thirsty, hail to Baba Barfani!” This chant expresses the gratitude of pilgrims for the blessings that they have received from Lord Shiva.

The Amarnath pilgrimage is a challenging journey, but it is also a rewarding one. Pilgrims who complete the journey are said to be cleansed of their sins and granted a place in heaven.

“Bhuke ko Anna, Pyase ko Pani , Jay Baba Barfani”

Q3 -What is the story behind Lord Amarnath ji ?

The Story of Lord Amarnath ji

Lord Amarnath ji is a Hindu god who is believed to be immortal. The story of how he came to be known as Amarnath ji is a long and complex one.

It is said that Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati were once walking in the Himalayas when Parvati asked Shiva about the secret of immortality. Shiva told Parvati that he would reveal the secret to her, but only if they went to a secluded place where they would not be disturbed.

Shiva and Parvati traveled to a cave in the Himalayas. When they arrived, Shiva told Parvati to close her eyes. Once her eyes were closed, Shiva began to tell her the story of immortality.

Shiva told Parvati that the universe was created by Brahman, the supreme being. Brahman created the universe out of his own energy. He created the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, and the earth. He also created all living things, including humans.

Shiva told Parvati that all living things are subject to death. However, there is a way to achieve immortality. The way to achieve immortality is to follow the path of dharma, or righteousness.

Dharma is a complex concept that encompasses many different things. It includes following the laws of nature, living a moral life, and helping others.

Shiva told Parvati that if she followed the path of dharma, she would achieve immortality. He also told her that she would be reborn into a higher state of existence.

Parvati was overjoyed to learn the secret of immortality. She thanked Shiva for telling her the story.

Shiva and Parvati stayed in the cave for many days. During that time, Shiva continued to teach Parvati about the path of dharma.

When it was time for Shiva and Parvati to leave, Shiva told Parvati that she would always be able to find him in the cave. He also told her that she would be able to see his image in the ice stalagmite that formed in the cave.

Shiva and Parvati left the cave and returned to their home in the heavens. However, Parvati never forgot the story that Shiva had told her. She often returned to the cave to meditate and to pray to Shiva.

The cave where Shiva told Parvati the story of immortality is now known as the Amarnath cave. It is a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus. Every year, thousands of Hindus travel to the cave to pay homage to Shiva and to seek his blessings.

The story of Lord Amarnath ji is a reminder that immortality is possible. However, it is not something that can be achieved through wealth, power, or fame. Immortality can only be achieved through the path of dharma.

Q4- What is the story behind the two Pigeons in the holy cave ?

The Story of the Two Pigeons in the Amarnath Cave

The Amarnath cave is a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus, located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The cave is said to house a natural ice formation that is believed to be a representation of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction and regeneration.

According to legend, two pigeons were once sitting on a tree near the cave when they overheard Shiva and Parvati, his wife, talking about the secret of immortality. The pigeons were so eager to learn the secret that they flew down to the cave and hid in the shadows.

Shiva and Parvati were so engrossed in their conversation that they did not notice the pigeons. When they were finished talking, Shiva blessed the pigeons and said that they would be granted immortality.

The pigeons were overjoyed and flew out of the cave. They have been living in the cave ever since, and are said to be a symbol of Shiva’s love and compassion.

The two pigeons are a popular attraction for pilgrims, and many people believe that they are a sign of good luck. If you are lucky enough to see the pigeons in the cave, it is said that you will be granted a wish.

Here are some additional details about the pigeons:

  • The pigeons are said to be white, which is a symbol of purity.
  • They are said to be very gentle and loving, and they are often seen feeding each other.
  • They are said to be very wise, and they are often consulted by pilgrims for advice.

The two pigeons are a reminder of the power of love and compassion, and they are a source of hope for many people.

Q5 – What is so special about Amarnath ?

Ans-  Lord shiva comes naturally every year in the form of Iceling in the holy cave , this is the reason for the special significance of Amarnath for Hindu Religion and other lord shiva devotees. Whoever has darshan to this form of Lord shiva never takes another birth in humans cycle.

Q6 – Where is Lord Amarnathji located ?

Lord Amarnathji is located in the south of Jammu and Kashmir in a cave known as Holycave. Holy Cave is 300 kms from Srinagar and 400 kms from Jammu at an altitude of 14000 feet.

Q7- In which form can we have the Darshan of Lord Amarnathji ?

Every year in the month of June, Lord Amarnathji Comes naturally in the form of Iceling at Holy cave  and leaves the place in the month of August. So Pilgrims can have darshan of Lord shiva in the form of Iceling. Every year Iceling comes  naturally in the shape of Shivling. In the whole world this is the only place where iceling form of Lord SHiva can be seen. 

Q8 – What is the difference between Holy cave and Amarnath Temple ?

Ans- There is no difference. The Place where lord Amarnathji Comes naturally every year in the form of iceling is originally called as Holy cave. So the origin place of Lord Amarnathji is called the Holy cave. Some people instead of the Holy Cave called it as Amarnath temple, because in hindu religion, religious places are occasionally referred to as temples.  Temple is a place where a god or goddess statue is established, but here Lord shiva comes naturally in a big cave known as Holycave at an altitude of 14000 feet.

Q9- What is the altitude of Amarnath Holy cave ?

Ans- The Altitude of Amarnathji Holy Cave is  14000 feet and needs proper acclimatisation before going there.

Q10 – Who invented Amarnath Holy cave  ?

Ans- In 1850 a muslim  shephered name Buta Mallik discovered the holy cave accidentally. He had been grazing his cattle in the mountain when a Sufi saint gave him a bag of coal, which turned out to be gold later. He went back to thank the saint but found the cave and the Shiva Linga. Still families of Buta Malik Participate in the pilgrimage and get royalty money  equally from the govt of Jammu and Kashmir.

Q 11 – How old is Amarnath Temple / Amarnath Holycave ?

Ans- It is believed that Amarnath Holy Cave /Temple is approx 5000 years old. In most of the Hindu religious books there is indication of Amanrath cave and Pilgrimage.

Q12 – is Amarnath Pilgrimage Dangerous  ?

Ans – No. Amarnath Pilgrimage is not dangerous. But it is considered a very hard pilgrimage due to the low level  of oxygen near the holy cave and there is a narrow trek to reach the cave which makes it difficult to perform. But now infrastructure has improved as compared to decade ago.

Q13 -What is Amarnath Pilgrimage ?

Every Year Jammu Kashmir Govt organizes darshan of Lord Amarnathji through its nodal agency Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board. So the journey for the darshan of Lord Amarnathji is famously known as Amarnath Pilgrimage or Amarnath Journey. This is like an annual festival organized every year for the devotees of lord Shiva and during this period lord Shiva gives darshan in the form of ice ling to his devotees. 

Q14- Where is Amarnath Pilgrimage ?

Ans- Amarnath Pilgrimage is a holy pilgrimage of the Holy cave of Lord shiva. The Journey of Holy cave starts from Srinagar and Jammu and pilgrims go to the holy cave via Baltal and Pahalgam route. In short Amarnath Pilgrimage is  400 kms from Jammu and 100 kms from Srinagar.

Q15 – When the Pilgrimage of Lord Amarnath / Amarnath Pilgrimage starts  ?

Ans- Generally the  Pilgrimage of Lord Amarnath starts in the month of July and goes till the Sawan Purnima which comes every year in the month of August. Most of the time Amarnath Pilgrimage starts in the second , third or fourth week of June or sometimes in the first week of July till Raksha Bandhan. 

Click here to read more about Amarnath Pilgrimage Dates. 

Q 16- What is the process and  procedure to go to Amarnath Pilgrimage?

Ans- The process and procedure to go Amarnath Pilgrimage is very simple. Firstly you need to select the dates of Amarnath Pilgrimage , then apply for a Medical certificate. Once you get the original medical certificate then apply for amarnath Pilgrimage registration. Once you get the Registration  then you book your flight tickets , helicopter tickets , hotels, transport etc to perform the Pilgrimage.

Q 17- What is the eligibility criteria for Amarnath Pilgrimage ?

Ans- Pilgrims must be between 13 years to 70 years at the time of Amarnath Pilgrimage. Any child below 13 years and any adult above 70 years are not allowed for Amarnath Pilgrimage. Pregnant ladies having more than 6 months pregnancy are not allowed for this holy pilgrimage. Handicapped people can perform this Pilgrimage.

Q 18 – How to plan Amarnath Pilgrimage ?

Ans- Planning of Amarnath Pilgrimage needs lots of research but here  we will explain each and every step for the Holy Religious Pilgrimage.

There are two ways to plan for the Amarnath Pilgrimage.

  1. Plan yourself  – In this step, plan, arrange and execute  everything for Amarnath Pilgrimage  from yourself. These are the following things required to plan. 

( i ) Choose Amarnath Pilgrimage Dates

 (ii) Arrange Amarnath Pilgrimage Registration yourself

( iii Arrange Medical Certificate, list of doctors  Yourself

( iv) Arrange Helicopter booking yourself

( v Arrange, hotels, tents, flights, houseboats, Transport booking yourself

( vi) Arrange a guide for the tour yourself.

When you have enough time,  money and a single person  then it’s better to plan yourself for this holy journey, otherwise this holy pilgrimage must be outsourced to reliable travel agents like us especially when you are planning to come for the first time and with family. This Pilgrimage needs lots of experience because of its Altitude and the problems associated with the tour due to local issues, helicopter unavailability, limited registration.

Read more information about  planning yourself from here.

  1. Go as Per the Plan of Tour Operator

SInce we are tour operators so on behalf of you we plan a tour of Amarnath Pilgrimage. You just need to book the packages and rest everything needs to leave on us. Here we will mention all the steps which are required to go and plan with us. 

(i ) – Firstly select the dates of Amarnath Pilgrimage from here.  

(ii) – Choose the Pickup Point. There are three Pickups /dropping points in our Packages 

4N/5D Helicopter Package download Pdf (14926 downloads )
Trekking Package Chandanwari PDF Download (12656 downloads )
Amarnathji+Maa Vaishno PDF (12134 downloads )
Trekking Package Baltal PDF Download (11378 downloads )
Amarnath Cave Pilgrimage Tour

(a)- Srinagar 

(b) Jammu 

 ) Your city. 

Srinagar Option is the cheapest and best option. If you come by train, then Jammu is the best option and if you want no tension at all starting from your home then book from your city.  

(iii) – Choose how to go to Amarnath Pilgrimage 

(a) By Helicopter 

( b)  By Trekking

( iv)- Choose the Amarnath Pilgrimage Tour Packages

There are two routes, and each route has two options. ( a) Neelgrath /Baltal Route. ( b)- Pahalgam/Chandanwari route.   If you want a cheaper helicopter package then go from Neelgrath route, if you want shorter trek distance and duration then choose from Batal route trekking. If you want to go by trekking and  dont have problems with distance and duration then go from Traditional route of lord shiva, choose from Pahalgam / chandanwari route of trekking. If you want an adventurous helicopter ride and don’t bother about money, then go from the Pahalgam route by helicopter. 

Pahalgam and Baltal/ Neelgrath both routes are accessible by road from Srinagar and Jammu. Srinagar is the nearest point to reach above starting places.

( iii) know the step-by-step Amarnath Pilgrimage Package booking procedure from here.

Q 19- How to go to Amarnath Pilgrimage. ?

Ans- Amarnath Pilgrimage can go by Helicopter and trek. Pilgrims can come to Jammu or Srinagar and from there they can reach the base point of Pahalgam/ Chandanwari or Baltal /Neelgrat. From Here they can take Helicopter or trek to reach the holy cave. 

Q 20 –  How many days are required to complete Amarnath Pilgrimage?

Ans- There is no fixed duration to complete Amarnath Pilgrimage due to Weather problems and road blockage time to time from Jammu and Srinagar. If You reach Srinagar then minimum duration by Helicopter to reach holy cave and back via Neelgrath is 3 days and same duration for trekking from Baltal. If you reach Srinagar and go from Pahagam route then by helicopter  3 days and by trekking 5 days. This schedule will work provided weather is in your favour otherwise add at least 1 extra day from both the routes. In the same way if you come from Jammu then add a minimum 2 days from Baltal/ Neelgrath route and 1 day for Pahalgam route.    

Q 21 – What is the cost of Amarnath Pilgrimage ?

Ans- The minimum cost of Amarnath Pilgrimage by Helicopter is Rs 1969 and Maximum cost is Rs 3386.  If you go in a package then Minimum cost is Rs 14500 and Maximum cost depends upon the duration of the package. 

Q 22 – Who are the authorised tour operators to book an Amarnath trip ?

Ans- There are no any authorised tour operators to sell Amarnath Pilgrimage Packages. Jammu Kashmir govt and Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board have not authorised any agency to sell the tour packages of Amarnath Pilgrimage.  You can get numerous agencies like us who are authorised from Local Jammu and Kashmir Tourism but Authorisation from Shrine Board has not yet started to sell Amarnath Pilgrimage Packages.

Q 23 – Where to Book Amarnath Pilgrimage Trip ?

You can Book Amarnath Pilgrimage trip from us. We have many travel itineraries by helicopter and trekking for Amarnath Pilgrimage. Know complete booking Procedure from here.

Q24 – How can we book Online amarnath Pilgrimage Packages?

Ans- Currently you can book only offline Amarnath Pilgrimage Packages. Online booking of Amarnath Pilgrimage Packages will start soon. For Offline you just need to drop a query through query form, and we will contact you with all the details and itineraries. Once you understand all the details and choose the package then you deposit the amount to confirm the same. On Our website most of the information is available online. So, if you want no help then you can choose the package directly

4N/5D Helicopter Package download Pdf (14926 downloads )
Trekking Package Chandanwari PDF Download (12656 downloads )
Amarnathji+Maa Vaishno PDF (12134 downloads )
Trekking Package Baltal PDF Download (11378 downloads )
Amarnath Cave Pilgrimage Tour

and and pay to our bank account available online and later you can send your details through mail.  For availability you can call us at +91-9650179451

Q 25 – How many years in advance ca n we book our Amarnath Package tour?

Ans- Generally you can book any time after 15 th August for next year pilgrimage.  There is a shortage of Amarnath Pilgrimage Registration and Helicopter tickets, this is the reason pilgrims book amarnath packages a year ahead to get the chance of Amarnathji Darshan. If You book  later then you may  or may not get registration and Helicopter tickets. Most of the pilgrims book in advance only so that they book their flight tickets at a cheaper rate. Our dates are fixed and confirmed for every year, so you don’t face any problem even if you book 365 days  or more in advance. 

Q26- Can we book our Amarnath Pilgrimage 2024 Tour now?

Ans- Yes you can book Amarnath Pilgrimage 2024 tour now. We have put all the fresh and latest packages with price and itinerary on our websites. You can check from tools menu option or given above and book your tour for 2024. 

Q 27 – What are the meals available at Panchtarni & Holy cave?

Ans- At Panchtarni food stalls are set up by Amarnath Pilgrimage Langars  / religious societies to distribute foods free of cost to the pilgrims so menus are decided by the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board. Generally high protein foods are available there like cereals, pulses,potato, saag, nutrela (soya chunks), basin curry, roti, tandoori roti, bread,rusks, tea, coffee, fruit juice, vegetable soup, kheer, dry fruit etc which provide stamina and keep body light, have been permitted to be served to the Yatris.

Q 28 – What are the Permitted and Banned Menus for Amarnath Pilgrimage Langars ?

Ans- Following is the permitted and Banned Menu for Amarnath Pilgrimage Langar’s and Pilgrims.

Sr NoPermitted MenuBanned Menu
1Cereals, Pulses, Green Vegetables,Potato, Saag, Nutrela (Soya Chunks),Besan Curry, Plain Dal, Green Salad,Fruits, boiled / instant noodles,Chowmein, SproutsAll Non-Vegetarian foods, Alcohols, Tabacco, Gutka, Pan Masala, Smoking, other intoxicants.
1Plain Rice, Zeera Rice, Khichri and Nutrela Rice.Heavy Pullav / Fried Rice.
3Roti / Phulka, Dal Roti, Missi Roti, Makki ki Roti (Un-fried), Tandoori Roti, Bread / Kulcha/Double Roti, Rusk, Chocolate, Biscuits, Roasted Channa and Jaggery, Samber, Idli, Uttapam, Poha, Vegetable Sandwich with cream/ butter/cheese, Bread Jam, Kashmiri nan (girda), steam dumplings (vegetable momos).Poori, Bathura, Piza, Burger, stuffed Parantha, Dosa and Fried roti, Bread butter , Pickles, Chutney based foods, butter based foods, Pickle, Chutney and fried papad, all other fried / fast food.
4Herbal Tea, Coffee, Curd, Sharbat,Lassi, Lemon Squash / Water, Low fatmilk, Fruits Juice, Vegetable Soup,tomato soup, mineral water.Cold drinks and Kharrah.
5Kheer (Rice / Sabudana), White Oat (Daliya), Figs, Raisins, Apricots, Other Dry fruits (only roasted / raw), Low fat milk, sawain, Honey, Boiled sweets (candy), Roasted Papad, Khakra, Tila ka Ladoo, Dhokla, Chikki (Guchak), Reweri.Halwa, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Laddu, Khoya Burfi, Rasgulla and all other Halwai items, Crunchy Snacks (high in fat and salts) Chips / kurkure, Matthi, Namkeen Mixture, Pakora, Samosa, Fried dry fruits and all other deep fried items.
Amarnath Pilgrimage Menu

Q 29- Which are the places where Amarnath Pilgrimage Langars are setup ?

Ans- At Most of the places langars are set up during Amarnath Pilgrimage. Following is the list of Places where authorised Langars are set up for Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board.

Sr NoBaltal Axis – Name of the CampPahalgam Axis – Name of the Camp
1Baltal CampChandanwari
2Between Baltal & DomelBetween Chandanwari and Pissutop
7Holy CaveWavbal
Places where Amarnath Pilgrimage Langars are installed

Q 30 – Why Do People Prefer to Stay at a Night in  Panchtarni ?

Ans- There are many reasons.  Panchtarni is a place where Lord Shiva left all his five elements “ Air, Fire, Earth, Sky and Water” before reaching Holy Cave. Since humans are also made of these five elements so they want to explore the secrecy behind this. Another reason is Panchtanri has scenic beauty and nearest point of Helipad. Due to Five elements left by Lord Shiva the place is  known as Panchtarni . 

Q31- What are the facilities available at Panchtarni ?

Ans- At Panchtarni there are basic tents and huts  facilities are available to stay. There are only  5 to 6 huts and in a hut there are 8 beds. So Huts capacity is only 40 beds. Most of the pilgrims prefer to stay in tents due to the unique experience over there. We also provide one night tent stay at Panchtarni in  our helicopter packages from Neelgrath and Trekking and Helicopter Package from Pahalgam.

Q 32- What type of Meals due to Provide During our amarnath trip ?

Ans-  We generally provide a Buffet menu at Hotels and during tent stay you get your meals from Langars. You can check the menu above for Langars and as far as hotel menu is concerned we follow the same guidelines as the Shrine Board for Langars. We Provide Breakfast and dinner only in Our Packages . We don’t provide lunch because during day time either you go for darshan or on the  way of sightseeing.  If you need Lunch,  you can add at an additional cost.

Q 33 – How many people will share with us during Tent stay ?

Ans-  There is shortage of space at different Tent Locations this is the reason Single /double/ triple sharing tents are not possible. We have a tent facility of  minimum  6 persons sharing ,  8 persons sharing,  10 persons sharing, 12 persons sharing. If You have a group of these numbers then fine otherwise for individuals availability of lower sharing Tents  depends at the time of arrival. We Provide cot , mattresses, blankets and pillows for each pilgrim. As far as sharing is concerned we try to share the tents with family only and we try to keep males separate and females separate . 

Q 34- When should we contact to book our amarnath trip ?

Ans- Amarnath Pilgrimage Booking is open now, you can contact any time. You can contact through below query form or you can call or whatsapp at  +91-96501-79-446 / +91-96501-79-451  or alternatively you can mail at booking@amarnathjiyatra.com.

Q 35- How many people can travel in a group  ?

Ans- If You go for Darshan by Helicopter then at a time maximum we can take bookings of  100 People and if you go by trek then 500 People for a Particular date. 

Travelling of People  in a group depends upon the vehicle seats capability. Maximum 55 seater  buses are allowed for Baltal/ Neelgrath/ Pahalgam. 

Q36 – What type of Vehicle do you provide to go for sightseeing and Darshan ?

Ans- Vehicle depends upon the number of Persons in a group. If you book a separate / Private tour package then we provide a vehicle as per your number of persons  and that vehicle is shared among your members only. If you book a group tour package then we provide bus/tempo traveller for sightseeing and darshan and that vehicle is shared with other people. Individual/ Private tours are expensive as compared to Public group packages.  

Q 37 – What is the Pickup time from Airport /Railway station/ Bus stand ?

Ans- There is no any Particular pickup time for Private /Individual tour and timing depends upon your arrival time. If You book Group tour then 3 pm is the pickup time for Helicopter Package and 12 Pm for Trekking package from Srinagar . For Jammu contact us at +91-9650179446 /51.

Q 38 – How much do you charge for VIP Darshan of Amarnath Pilgrimage?

Ans- There is no VIP Darshan Facility for Amarnath Pilgrimage as of Kedarnath and Badrinathji Pilgrimage etc. If any how it starts then we charge Rs 1100 Per Pilgrim.

Q39 – Can you arrange special Darshanam for Amarnath Pilgrimage ?

Ans- There is no special darshanam due to heavy rush and limited duration. But any how if we manage we will charge Rs 1100 per pax for Special Darshan of Amarnath Pilgrimage. You will have to book this in advance. If we don’t arrange then your amount will be refunded.

Q 40 – How many Person trips can we book at a time for our Amarnath darshan?

Ans- If You book by Helicopter then 100 People and if you go by trekking then 500 People. 

Q 41 – Which Date Should we Finalise for our Amarnath Tour ?

Ans- You should finalise any date  which is officially announced by the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board  or the official date of Amarnath Pilgrimage.  If you think to go to Sawan then you can book Sawan dates, if you want to go to Full Moon then you can choose that. If you want  Monday darshan then you can book that . Dates depend upon your availability and choice.  We are flexible with dates. Read more about Amarnath Yatar Dates.

Q 42 – Which helipad is nearest & best to travel Amarnath ?

Ans- Nearest Helipad is Neelgrath and Panchtarni for Amarnath Pilgrimage. Panchtarni is the last helipad point for Pilgrims. All the  helicopters from Neelgrath and Pahagam go to Panchtarni Helipad and from Panchtarni you will have to go by trek or by pony /palki /dandy to reach the holy cave. As far as distance and price is concerned then Neelgrat is the shortest and Cheapest helipad to reach the Holycave.  Read more about Helipads available for Amarnath Pilgrimage.

Q 43 – Which Mobile Phone / Sim do work during Amarnath Pilgrimage and  which company has got good network /connectivity till holycave ?

Ans- There is a special rule of Mobile sims in Jammu and Kashmir to work. If you have local sim then all mobile sims will work in Jammu and Kashmir wherever they have network but if you don’t have local sim and have Other state/Countries sim then Only Postpaid will work wherever they have Network. No prepaid will work in Jammu Kashmir for outsiders ( sim out of Jammu and Kashmir ) . 

Now come to the Point of Network Connectivity. Only BSNL Sim has got the highest and good Network connectivity till Amarnathji holy cave.  

BSNL Mobile No works fine during Amarnath Pilgrimage. If you have local BSNL sim  whether it is prepaid or postpaid then that will work till holy cave. If you have BSNL sim out of Jammu and Kashmir region then only Postpaid Mobile sim will work.  Postpaid BSNL sim is the best option to carry for Amarnath Pilgrimage. Sometimes Prepaid Phone stops and Postpaid works.

As far as mobile connection of private companies is concerned then Airtel, Jio & Vodafone number works till Panchtarni & during trekking route. Vodaofone idea network is not good as compared to jio & airtel. If any incident happens in that case only Bsnl will work rest numbers will not work.

Q 44- Does Jio / Airtel / Idea/ Vodafone postpaid work in J&K? 

Ans – Please read the point no 43

Q45- What is the procedure to get local mobile sim ?

Ans- You can get 7 days validity sim card free of cost from Jammu Base point or from Pahalgam and Baltal base point. If you don’t get due to shortage then you can buy from a nearby shop. The main documents they ask generally to issue the sim is Passport. For free sim card they issue on the basis of your  trekking registration permit.

46. Is Kashmir safe ?

Ans- Yes Kashmir is always safe for Amarnath Pilgrims.  During Pilgrimage govt enforce lots of Military forces for smooth and terror free Pilgrimage. 

47. Does Jio work in Amarnath?

Ans – Yes Jio & Bsnl work in Amarnath Holycave

48. What are the Mobile Networks available in Amarnath?

Ans- At Srinagar, Neelgrath, Sonamarg, Jammu, Katra, Gulmarg , Baltal, Chandanwari , Pahagam – Vodafone, idea, Airtel, Jio, BSNL 

and at  trekking routes such as Bararimarg, Sangam, Panchtarni, Holycave, Sheshnag, Mahagun Top, – BSNL, Jio & Airtel only. 

49 . Is camera allowed in Amarnath Pilgrimage?

Ans – Yes camera allowed for Amarnath Pilgrimage. Aerial Photography and photography of helipads, and inside temples /holy caves are not allowed. When you go for darshan you have to deposit Camera, Mobile, purses, belt, shoes etc at Locker available near Holy Cave. 

50. Is Amarnath Pilgrimage tough?

Ans- Yes it is tough due to low oxygen  level at Holycave,  high altitude and due to Narrow trekking routes. But when you reach there you will not feel any such tough word.

51. Is there any train from Delhi to Srinagar?

Ans- There is no direct train for Srinagar. Srinagar is not connected by Indian rail. Nearest Railway station at Srinagar is Nowgaon. If you plan to come from Delhi by train, then you can come till Jammu and from there your best option is to reach Srinagar either by flight or by Road. Until Srinagar is not connected by train from Jammu it is not advisable to use train service till Nowgaon.

52. How do I get to Baltal?

Ans- Baltal is well connected by road and is located beside National Highway No 1D.

When You come to Jammu then you should follow following step,

(a)- From Jammu hire a taxi and directly come to Baltal. Total distance from jammu to Baltal is  400 kms and takes around  12 – 15 hrs. You can break up your journey at Patnitop, Srinagar and Sonmarg before reaching Baltal.

( b) If you feel too much distance and time then go to Jammu Airport and catch the flight till Srinagar. From Srinagar hire a taxi and reach Baltal. The distance from Srinagar to Baltal is  100 km and takes around 2-3 hrs.

52. How do I get to Pahalgam?

Ans- Pahalgam is well connected by road and is located at the bank of Lidder River.

When You come to Jammu then you should follow following step,

(a)- From Jammu hire a taxi and directly come to Pahalgam. Total distance from jammu to Pahagam is 295 kms and takes around 10 hrs. You can break up your journey at Patnitop, before reaching Pahalgam.

( b) If you feel too much distance and time then go to Jammu Airport and catch the flight til Srinagar. From Srinagar hire a taxi and reach Pahalgam. The distance from Srinagar to Pahalgam is 100 km and takes around 2-3 hrs.

Q 53. Is Shri Amarnath cave temple open?

Ans- Amarnath Pilgrimage Temple Opens on a specific time and Period. Every Year it opens in the month of June/ July and closes on the day of Raksha Bandhan which generally falls in the month of August. Read more about amarnath Pilgrimage dates. So at the time of reading the answer check the month and date or contact us for more details.

Q54- How do I get to Baltal from Amarnath cave?

You can hire a pony or Palki from Holycave to reach baltal. The distance from holy cave to baltal is 18 kms and takes around 6 hours to complete by walk and 5 hrs by pony / Palki.

Q54- How do I get to Pahagam from Amarnath cave?

You can hire a pony or Palki from Holycave to reach Pahalgam. The distance from Holycave to Pahagam is 45 kms in which 29 km is by trekking via Sheshnag, Panchatrni and 16 kms is by road from Chandanwari. Generally, it takes around 2- 3 days to complete by walk and 2 days by pony / Palki. Generally returning pilgrims complete in 1 day also provided there is no rain and the route is clear from holycave to Chandanwari /Pahalgam..

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