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Amarnath Pilgrimage Helicopter Tickets Booking Terms & Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions for booking Amarnath Pilgrimage Helicopter tickets:

  • Pilgrims between the ages of 13 and 70 are allowed to book helicopter tickets. Pregnant women who are more than 6 months pregnant are not allowed to book.
  • A medical health certificate is compulsory to board the helicopter.
  • Registration must to visit amarnathji Cave.
  • Only 6 passengers can be booked tickets with one debit card/credit card within a period of 1 month from the date of booking.
  • The credit card/debit card will be verified at the helipad through which tickets are issued. Only then will a boarding pass be issued. Otherwise, the ticket will be cancelled and a cancellation charge will be applied.
  • Only one piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 5 kg is allowed to be carried in the helicopter.
  • Valid original ID proof will be checked before checking in with the same ID proof through which the ticket was booked.
  • All booked passengers of a particular PNR may or may not be grouped in the same helicopter due to weight restrictions. The helicopter has a weight limit of 350 kg per trip, so pilgrims will be grouped accordingly.
  • If the helicopter is overloaded, the operators are authorized to offload luggage for the next trip.
  • In case of flight cancellation due to bad weather or any other reason, a full refund will be granted to the pilgrims as per the printed ticket price. If there is a fund shortage, the refund will be made to the booked credit card/debit card provided you take a stamp on the unused ticket that you have not traveled. The same ticket should be mailed to the operators’ email id printed on the tickets.
  • Aerial photography and photography of the helipad are prohibited by law.
  • Helicopter operators are not liable for any loss or damage to baggage due to flight delays. As per their rule, if they deliver you at the time of termination of the journey without any complaints from you, it means they handed over your luggage without any problem.
  • Amarnath Pilgrimage Helicopter operators reserve the right to cancel the tickets of abusive, intoxicated, or unsafe passengers. Operators may deny boarding and will refund the amount.
  • Keeping in mind the point of view of the pilgrims, if the pilgrims find that the helicopter operator is not service-oriented, then they can change the helicopter operator at the helipad without any charge by producing the old helicopter operator’s issued tickets. It is the duty of the helicopter operator to do the internal transaction. If pilgrims face any problems, they can contact the nearest camp director.

Amarnath Pilgrimage Helicopter Tickets Cancellation Policy

The following are the cancellation policies for Amarnath Pilgrimage Helicopter Tickets:

  • No refund once ticket is booked. This is a government cancellation rule.
  • Cancellation due to bad weather: A full refund will be given after deducting the transaction fee charged by the bank and an administrative charge of ₹1000 per passenger.
  • Cancellation due to technical problem: A full refund will be given after deducting the transaction fee charged by the bank per passenger.
  • No show: No refund will be given.

Please note that these are the general cancellation policies. The specific cancellation policies may vary depending on the helicopter operator. Please contact the helicopter operator directly for more information.

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